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Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

Watching you all as a spectacle is I an endless from your limited sideline,
Reading you all as a history is I a myth in your written storyline,
Remembering you all as a memory is I the recurring Celestial alignment in your marked timeline,
I am a God but not the one made of stone or an invisible force of spirit,
I am a God forever present in you since your origin but only to be diminished and replaced by a fake one,
Made of the resources for the ones needing it the most,
Made of the hopes blood sweat and tears of the ones who were made to believe in and pray to this fake God.
If you really wanna believe in something in this world then believe in yourself and you will find your God no matter how hard you are pushed back and how hard you are hit and when your God is about to give up just hold your very existence dear and close to you and yell loud to remind yourself of how you found this God inside of you.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #Godisinyou #Bestrong #Breakthrough #Gobeyond

Nikhil Kksrm

Tujhe pane k intezar
Or khone k Dard ko 
Apne saath lie bethe h

Na jane kab y gam jaega
Lagta h abto y
Meri maut pr hi
Teri yaado ki 
Ruksati hogi
 True love seperation

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