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Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

Curled up in my shell of self loath,
Stepped down from my mantle of self growth,
Deviated from the light in my path,
Headed to the dark alley of my wrath,
I try to forget about me because I am too full of myself...
With toxicity in my thoughts,
There is acid in my tears,
Which erodes a hole in my heart,
And decays me from inside out.
As I sit and smile right at you telling you to be good to yourself and take care of yourself...
That is who I am and don't you dare to be a fool like me as it will cause you invisible pain beyond healing...
And my idea behind writing this is to warn whoever reads this that please learn your self worth before your time runs out and you get stuck in a mental fortitude like me and reach a point of no return.

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #brokenhuman #warning #saveyourself #selfworth #beinthelight

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