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"खुशियों से जब सारा घर भर जाये तो दिवाली आयी है, रौशनी ही रौशनी हो, अंधेरा सब मिट जाये तो दिवाली आयी है!!"

खुशियों से जब सारा घर भर जाये
तो दिवाली आयी है,
रौशनी ही रौशनी हो, अंधेरा सब मिट जाये
तो दिवाली आयी है!!

Sorry Guys Kal post nahi kar paya 😛
Happy Diwali Guys 😍

सारे घरों में जब दिये जल जाये
तो दिवाली आयी है,
माँ लक्ष्मी जब घर पर आये
तो दिवाली आयी है!!

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#JusticeAndRevenge #hide #Cell #Within #body🧘💓🧚
Sometimes I think my nonsense approach is much 🌎👶 better than knowing too much that makes no sense! 😇

We say that the Earth is our mother & how lonely one feels when she is still alive, if it's unable to imagine, then you at least think about your origin, loving parents! 👨‍👩‍👦

Either act what you say or don't say at all, 🆑 introspect?


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"Can you just talk ,"

Can you just talk ,

#key #Happiness #justtalk #about #Present #Time

Since I love to live only in the present time, I can't ever remember any past, not even anything about yesterday!

If you can, remember nothing, if no longer any use!

Writings always make us feel more than anything else can ever, except it, everything can quit the sense. 💓✍️

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"We sat together but you never,"

We sat together but you never,

If you see my previous dialect; where India represents the heart of the world, and the rest of the world only talks through their brain, they might be more intellect, but fanaticism is always there control by the Sword or Gun of the bullet! ⚔️🚫 We can use words instead! ✍️🎯💓

Love is the fascination that makes us different to build our Nation great, we are the best along with being strong in all kinds of purification through love plantation. 💓🇮🇳🕉️

However, the Unalloyed love of Go

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Nothing is joined by avarice together, unless there the properties of inner-voice are perfectly altogether! ♒💓
#voicesoundslike #innervoice #Introspect #simile 💞🧚 #Property #abouttime #understanding #aboutlife 🗣️♒💓🕉️

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