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"खुशियों से जब सारा घर भर जाये तो दिवाली आयी है, रौशनी ही रौशनी हो, अंधेरा सब मिट जाये तो दिवाली आयी है!!"

खुशियों से जब सारा घर भर जाये
तो दिवाली आयी है,
रौशनी ही रौशनी हो, अंधेरा सब मिट जाये
तो दिवाली आयी है!!

Sorry Guys Kal post nahi kar paya 😛
Happy Diwali Guys 😍

सारे घरों में जब दिये जल जाये
तो दिवाली आयी है,
माँ लक्ष्मी जब घर पर आये
तो दिवाली आयी है!!

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Rejection in the improvement is the best self-interview, do not accept whatever appears in the mind, there is a constantly changing transmission in the mind. Capture when you get the right things.

Only seeking the heights of God can create powerful thoughts within us. Read all the open scriptures without mixing up.

Reading nature is always helpful to make good decisions for your future expansion. We create boundaries to limit our vision, pleasure is available beyond the boundaries to protect

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The brilliance of the light is only sourcing vibration, its vibrancy vibrant in my eyes. The abbreviation of the seven colors of the rainbow is to instill within us, and we have the full power to birthright - a full figure simile vigor in the vibrant coloring, now let your wrong answer will create a colorful stock of words, like a brief of vibgyor; go along with your innate nature, I love to read more immature minds to achieve myself best maturity. 🧘🌱✨💞✍️

The seven colors of the rainbow are sum

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"We sat together but you never,"

We sat together but you never,

If you see my previous dialect; where India represents the heart of the world, and the rest of the world only talks through their brain, they might be more intellect, but fanaticism is always there control by the Sword or Gun of the bullet! ⚔️🚫 We can use words instead! ✍️🎯💓

Love is the fascination that makes us different to build our Nation great, we are the best along with being strong in all kinds of purification through love plantation. 💓🇮🇳🕉️

However, the Unalloyed love of Go

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Samjh gye kya? #poerty #Inspiration #simile #special

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