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सपना Apna money money ..

#16 :) money and money

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Taking a different thought, Taranwali village, and other villages, also alerting for a different thought, let us meet on 16/5/19 at the playground.
All the villages have been informed that on 16/5/19, 10th inter state tournaments are being organized at Village Tarawali, and all have to contribute in this tournament, to increase the sports festival,

                         @happy taranwaliya..✍🏽

#happy_taranwaliya..✍🏽 Ishpreet Chabra Harshul Pandey Vallika Poet Danvir Jaat Gagandeep Singh

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प्रिय लेखको,
आशा है आपने छन्दविचार के तहत मात्रा से संबंधित लेख पढ़ लिए होंगे। यदि नहीं पढ़े हैं तो ज़रूर पढ़ें।

आइए, अब प्रैक्टिकल करके देखते हैं। मात्रा भार निकालने की विधि आपने सीखी। यहाँ प्रस्तुत पंक्ति में कुल 16 मात्राएँ हैं।

समझौता मत करना यारो
सम - 11, झौ - 2, ता - 2, मत - 11, कर - 11, ना - 2, या - 2, रो - 2 कुल 16
इस पंक्ति में एक लय भी है।
टनटन, टनटन, टनटन, टनटन
आप इसी रिदम पर आधारित 16 मात्राओं की पंक्ति जोड़ें।
घबराइये नहीं, ग़लत हो जाता है तो होने दीजिए, लेकिन कोशिश ज़रूर करें।
करना, भरना, मरना, डरना, झरना, वर्ना का तुक रखना चाहें तो रखिए। नहीं तो केवल 16 मात्रा की पंक्ति लिख दीजिए।
Collaborating with YourQuote Didi

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किताबों से पढ़कर बड़ा मोहब्बत-मोहब्ब्त करती हो 
कभी मुझको पढ़के देखो तो पता चले मोहब्बत क्या चीज़ है #NojotoQuote


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Read this story👇
Happy Women's Day, Maa
This is a small Tribute to a strong lady of my life. She is my super woman.
At the Age of 16, she got married because her father was suffering from cancer and he was going to die soon. So his family decided that the girl should be married before his eyes.
A 16 year Innocent girl was given the responsibility of marriage. No one cared about her will or aspirations. Naturally, she wasn't even mature yet.
After the marriage, the way was not easy. She did not even know how to cook as she had lived with her grandma (Nani) since childhood.
And then, living in a joint family, she had to face domestic violence by her brother's wife (जेठानी).
The young girl was not able to understand the situation and not able to raise voice against him. Once she even tried to commit suicide but she survived.
At the age of 18 she became the mother of one child, that was me.
Then my mother and father both moved from the joint to single family.
A 20 year girl handled both her baby and her small family.
My father totally support my mom.
He even teach my mom how to cook. To raise me up (मेरी परवरिश करना) was the most difficult challenge of my Mother's life in Haryana's small city where there was not so much freedom for girls.
But my mom changed this thinking of my father also.
I remember when I first came in periods, my father restricted me from playing outside because he believed that I have grown up now.
He refused me from wearing jeans.
But it was my mom's support for me; she proved my father thinking wrong and gave me complete independence in my house.
And now I'm living my life without any hindrance only because of my mother, and my dad support me completely.
"That saying is absolutely right that a woman can change one's life.
My mom's change my life.
I can't even imagine my life without my Mom today.
Thanks maa
Loves u alot.
I promise to you that one day I will makes u feel proud of me. That's why I called my Maa a super woman.
Happy women's day Maa.
. Your daughter

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