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No matter what I still, love the one
who gave bruises
to my body and soul
because he's the reason I was born ;
my dad apparently.

Kratika Goyal ©

No matter what, I still.....
#nomatterwhat #Istill
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Abuse humiliates a girl's modesty.


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Like pouring rain in a storm, I go unheard,
Like a damsel in distress, I go unheard,
Like the calmness in the night, I go unheard.
Like a victim's cry, I go unheard.
Why I am left alone?
Why I am fighting ?
What’s the point of Expressing things in writing?
Why I suffer ? Where is response to my plea?
Why the rapist are walking free ?
Why the victims are being accused ?
Why are we not lighting this path, are the bulbs fuse ?
Who shall be held responsible for my death,
Is it the govt. , Society , doctors ? , I can’t do the math,
I feel disgusted with my own touch,
Asking for justice, is it too much ?
Where are the rules, where are the force ?
It’s RAPE not a consensual intercourse,
I feel ashamed of myself,
I feel fear inside my skin
The decision between living and death is thin,
Tormented with terror, but I choose to fight,
I want the culprit to be hanged, in front of my eyes.

When things are neglected, the story usually goes unheard. #Poetry #Stories #abuse #Rape #Woman #Life #fighter

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Written by: Jeovaughnie O. Amos

One night when breeze dance drastically, that's when it all start.

Cold and Cold the night gets like it was snowing oh, I fret.
It was only me and my brother Jaret waiting on our mother shernet.
The night get colder the darker it gets, there were big dark clouds seem as if the ground will wet.

Some how this was the time bad deeds play, the predator awaits his prey; slay over and over again for someone I put my trust ravish my innocent and strong devour.
Now fed and settle and make it an acquaintance when simple screams are too humble can't withstand his power.

I tremble and shake more and more like I am loosing my nerves and my mind, I got upset as I remembered and start to cry.
I get comfort but somehow I am a born regret, I am loosing it. It all will show in time but what stun me the most is that, they say am a weird child that's not passionate about life.

There's not one cut nor a bruises seen now, but am hurting mentally and paralyze within.
Scar to life I grid my teeth and pull my hair for only if what I am going through I could share.

Years pass by I stop "talk; why living with a mark that cannot depart.
Not one sound or utter it seem for when this suffering drawn going to leave.
That tragic moment reflect again as I try to live a joyful life, then it struck again.

Now I know why it's hard to trust people, I just want to stay alone and talk to my emotions, that's the only friend.
Trap in a shell and stay within, a dark shade dull my smile and grind, for no one could understand why.

Mom only daughter child loose her smile, that once was so happily and smile so bright but as she grew a teenager that smile become a frown and every happy moments get sad and agony strive, it's like hopefullness is drown.

So on her birthday she got a Dairy she spend much time with; it's like there bonding is vivid, until one day she forget to take the dairy, left at home and that's how things fall in place. Mother start to read and suddenly cry, wailing and holding her chest a broken hearted child,now you know why.

For her husband was the cause of it all and suspicion became realisation for he was the predator that prey the child, a man with integrity fall by the wayside that harm as already instill , how could this happen I was so blind.

I told you and you said it's a lie. I wept day and night I was so scorn to live and became so shy, now you know why I almost die because this man say if I talk he will cut out my light.

This is not to hide up details or to point finger but show up these person that cause pain to linger, start pointing fingers for abuse need to Un-introduced for this stain the motions and cannot with drew.

End to abuse, it's a crime talk up youths don't be blind

#Raped #Rape #Ravish #abuse #crime #horror

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You stalked that girl, with every limit,
You made her realised,you loved her,
every minute.
The night was over, so was the game
Finally you left her alone, without any shame

Don't ever just act to be in love, for being physical...😥🙏

#Abusing #abuse #sexualabuse #Rape #Force #RIP #feelings #Tired #Pain #lonely #Forceful #Trust #lostlove #Minutes #ditch #usingbody Brijesh Maurya pranali panchal Wagish Chandra Shanawaz Sabir Siraj M. aman6.1

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