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Book Review #1
Name of the book: The Dancing Shoes
Author: Rachael MacBean
Publisher: Pauline Publication (2007)
Price: INR 20
Pages: 48 (Paperback)
Genre: Fiction
My Rating: 4/5
About the book:-
The Dancing Shoes is a collection of six short stories.
1. The Dancing Shoes
2. Little Angel And Bright Star
3. The Prettiest Christmas Tree
4. A Doctor For Santa
5. The Old Mountain Woman
6. John's Wormkin
My personal experience and opinion:-
This book is a rare combination of moral values and recreation. All the stories depict the harsh realities of life. The lesson 'The Prettiest Christmas Tree' reminded me of the famous proverb "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". The plot revolves around the little joys of our lives that we cherish forever. Moreover, the story of 'glow worms' kept me hooked to the book till the end. The main characters of all the short stories had a lasting impact on me. The book has been written in an extremely lucid manner which makes it easier to understand.
I would definitely recommend this book to the children as they will enjoy reading it for sure. The best part of this book is that it facilitates the teachers and parents in imparting value education to the children at a tender age to stimulate their holistic development.
Happy reading!

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Twisted games of online predators

From the review:
"So yes, these are Machiavellian times brimming with online lustful searches for ‘not just one single woman, but rich single women’ who would sooner or later discover what ‘shuddered with delight’ means when probing fingers seek to ‘infiltrate her panties’. The book quite literally has half of it dedicated to couples who hop from one sex position to another until they finally ‘passed out in each other’s arms’. Some readers must be finding such narratives titillating as this is probably why such books are being written. I mean books where even a person like me who has read a lot of books, discovered that something like this: ‘…so the guy and the girl lay down side by side and bend as the guy spoons the girl from behind. It looks like two 7’s. It’s like doggy style on your side, laying down…’ is actually talking about 77, another position to know when you are besieged by all things sensual. .." Please read the complete review on my blog.

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#Tribe #Review #BookReview
Just finished reading #Tribe

Here's my review of it: 
- It is a wonderful book for all those people who are in the B2C business, especially those which are community focussed. 
- The book talks about Tribe, why do they form, how to they operate, communicate and many more things. 
- The books also somehow compel you to be the leader, find your own tribe, and lead it. 

All in all it can be categorized into 

#Leadership #Community #Social #B2C #LargePeople Business

Will update what I am reading next in the next story :-) 

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