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आज मै बैठी सोच ही रही थी की कोई भी मेरा नही है,😔 क्यों,
क्योंकि मै भी तो किसी की नहीं हूँ ना,,

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True Shelter
It is human nature to take the support of one or the other. Every living being wants to get the shelter of someone, wants to make someone his support. Why is there this sort of nature? It is so because the being is the inseparable part (ansh) of the Supreme Lord (Paramatma). If he takes the support of only the Lord, then he will have no need for any other shelter. But till he gains resort of the Supreme Self, he goes on seeking shelters one after the other. He needs to take God’s shelter, but instead he takes the support of various others. He seeks the shelter of wealth, of his abilities, his strength, his family, his knowledge, his talent and skills, but these shelters do not last.

Only God’s shelter should be sought – this idea seems to make sense in mind and understanding, but we do not give up other shelters! Though you are not bound in giving up others shelters, rather you are altogether free, yet by taking special support and shelter of others, and by continuing to gain consolation and pleasures there from, an illusion has arisen in the heart that how without this support or how by giving up this shelter you will be in a position to live at all! How will you be able to sustain? How will you be able to manage your livelihood? By the surging of this kind of emotion, a sort of cowardice has taken root in the mind, that you cannot leave their shelter!

Whose support is there when we are under the spell of deep sleep? No one else’s dependency or support is there, not even of God’s! In that state, there is a certain sort of semi-unconsciousness, a kind of swoon. In that state, the shelter of the world is automatically given up, but that of ignorance (moodhataa) persists. Thus it is a sheer illusion that we cannot live without someone’s shelter. Or, else, tell me on whose support do you exist or live during deep sleep? In deep sleep “shushupti” you exist even without or in absence of world’s shelter or support.

Please be kind and do pay attention to this one point of great importance. We do not get as much happiness from depending on the world, as we get in sleep from leaving the dependence on the world. The extent of joy and freshness that we experience, the energy that we accumulate from leaving the dependency of the world, these do not come from taking the support of the world. What to speak of conservation of energy, it is exhausted away! By continuing to depend on wealth, family, intellect, abilities, etc. you become restless, tired, and exhausted. Your energy is used up, and then you leave every one and fall off asleep. And while sleeping you once again regain the energy. In this manner, by sundering of worldly shelters a distinctive and refreshing power will grow in you. And by taking the shelter of God, boundless will be the strength, so limitless will be the power that no fear or anxiety will ever haunt or trouble you! For this reason alone it is said -

“yam labdhvaa chaaparam laabham manyate naadhikam tatah.” (Gita 6/22).

“Higher than this there has been no real or great gain at all.” There is no higher gain than this, nor can, nor shall it ever be! But this will occur only on giving up all the ephemeral or perishable shelters of the world. The mistake which is often committed is that you do not give up the shelters which are believed and known to you as being perishable. You repeat and recite the Divine Name of God, you meditate, you sing God’s glory and contemplate on spiritual matters, but simultaneously you keep shelter of the perishable things! Without totally relinquishing the shelter of the perishable world, one cannot entirely and in toto take the shelter of God. Without seeking complete support (of God), total power cannot be secured.

There is no dearth or paucity from God’s side. To the extent you seek God’s shelter, to that very extent you will get consolation, power and gain. You will undoubtedly get illimitable power if by totally giving up the shelter of the world, you depend on God alone for everything.

Where is that God? In this regard, may I tell you one thing that He is in the heart of all beings’ – “sarvasya chaham hrdi samnivistah” (Gita 15/15); “isvarah sarvabhootaanaam hrddeserjuna tishthati (Gita 18/61). He is the Indwelling Spirit of all the beings; but the difficulty is that the being looks only outward, he does not look deep within. You regard yourself that “I am”. Of that “I-ness,” Atman (Self, Spirit) is the support; and God, the Supreme Self, Supreme Spirit is the shelter even of the Atman – mamaivaamso jivaloke (Gita 15/7). Your Atman is an inseparable part of the Paramatman. You (amsa) are in one “ksetra” i.e. body and your “amsi” (God) is in all the bodies (ksetras) - “ksetrajnam chaapi maam viddhi sarvaksetresu bhaarata.” (Gita 13/2). The Gopis said - “na khalu gopikaanandano bhavaanakhiladehinaa mantaraatmadrk” i.e., “you are not mere the child of Yashoda, you are the witness to the Inner Self of all the beings, of all the bodies in living and inert forms, whether they be gods, demons, ghosts, or spirits or be they the residents of hells or heavens, devotees or meditative and contemplative seeker of Truth or God-loving fellows. But how are You here, when you are all these?”

“Vikhanasaarthito vishvagupte sakh udeyivaan saatvataam kule” (Srimad Bhagwat 10/31/4) - “you appeared when Brahmani prayed to you”. Why did he pray? “Visvaguptaye” 
i.e. he prayed for the protection of the universe. For, Thou alone are the saviour of Creation, none else has this power to protect. Besides, you have “appeared” – not born – in the Yadava clan “udeyivaan saatvataam kule”. When the sun rises, no body says that the sun is born, because the Sun is present even before it appears to rise in the eastern skies! Likewise God descends in divine ways. He is not born like our bodies are born.

Mind, intellect, senses, body, individuals, things, objects, money, wealth etc., nothing belongs to you, nothing stays with you; every moment it is parting from you, and yet you seek their shelter! Here in lies your mistake. Relinquishing the shelter of such things, please seek the shelter of God alone - “maamekam saranam vraja” (Gita 18/66). “Tameva saranam gaccha sarvabhaavena bhaarata, tatprasaadaatparaam saantim sthaanam praapsyasi saasvatam” (Gita 18/62).

Seek the shelter in Him alone, wholeheartedly. By His grace you shall attain supreme peace (total unconcern from worldliness) and eternal abode. We are all free in seeking the shelter of God, no one is dependent. None is incapable of taking His shelter and support.

This very moment you “can” seek the shelter and support of God, because He is with you and you are with Him. Neither He can ever be separated from you nor can you be ever separated from Him. If He parts from you, then there will be two Gods; one He, and the other one you. His indivisibility, omnipresence and supremacy will be disintegrated. His significance will not remain if he separates from you. He cannot, therefore, be separated from you. Nor can you be separated from Him. Yes, you may regard yourself separate from Him, but you cannot be separated from Him. Similarly, you can certainly regard yourself dependent on the world and seek shelter of worldly goods and materials, but cannot be dependent upon them for all time. You took the shelter of wealth, family, friends, intelligence, ability, power etc., but could you and can you really be dependent on them permanently? You know it, believe it and yet you seek their shelter. What an illusion! What an error! It is so because such supports will not last. Therefore, turn your back upon them all and seek only God’s shelter. Do not take the support of anyone or anything else. Make use of wealth in the best possible manner. Do all work but trust only in the ever-abiding shelter of Almighty and Eternal God. The Saints have said:

Pativrataa rahe pati ke paasaa
Yom saahiba ke dhiga rahe daasaa.

i.e. “Just as the chaste wife lives under the shelter of her husband, so also the devotees of the Lord live under God’s support and shelter only.”

Jagajjanani Janaki used to pay great respects to her parents-in-law much more than her regards for her parents-in-law much more than her regards for her own mother and father; but when her Lord Bhagavan Sri Ram left for the forests, she gave up even the in-laws. King Sri Dasharatha said to such an extent that if Janakadulaari stayed back in Ayodhyaa, his life would be saved; and yet she chose to live for and with Lord Sri Ram. She could not think of staying or living without Lord Sri Rama. How can moonlight remain in absence of the moon? How can the daylight remain without the sun? How can the bodily-shadow live without the body? So also, no Jiva (being) can ever live apart from God. But, since he seeks the shelter of the world, alienating himself from God, he time and again suffers misery. If he did not take the support of that which is going to separate, and takes the support of that which will stay forever with him, than he will undoubtedly be greatly benefited and joyful.

Please, decide right now and once and for all, that you will not take the shelter of the world. You earn money, do all the work that is to be done, but do not make wealth and world your life’s resort or shelter. So far you have taken much from the world, so you work for the world to repay your debt to it, not to seek it’s shelter now. As a matter of fact, the world is not worthy of being a shelter, for it is constantly changing. It changes with such dynamic speed, that we cannot see it twice. Only that which changes is called “samsara” - “sam sarati iti samsaarah”. As God is Mercy Incarnate – “prabhu murati krpaamayi hai” (Vinaya-Patrika 170/7), so is this world change incarnage. There is noting in it except change. You have wrongly regarded worldly as worthy of your shelter. Now turning away from it, only take shelter of the Lord’s Lotus feet, right now! Yes! Just now!

“Mere to Giridhar Gopa, dooseron na koyi”, “ek baani karunaanidhaan ki, so priya jaake gati na aan ki.” - Do not take the shelter of others. With complete sentiments take total refuge in the Lord. “Tameva sharanam gaccha sarvabhaavena” (Gita 18/62), “Sa sarvavidbhajati maam sarvabhaavena” (Gita 15/19); “Sarva bhaav bhaj kapat taji moho param priya soyi” (Manav 7/87 Ka). Verily indeed, your kinship with God is self-evident and profound. Yoke yourself not with the changing world – this is the entire thing. The only thing! That is all there is to it!

From book "Be Good" by Swami Ramsukhdasji
नारायण ! नारायण ! नारायण !

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Harm in Attaching Importance to the Perishable
What is our
#main mistake? We commit an #error when we attach more #importance to the kaleidoscopic and #perishable world and body and assume it to be real, and we consider the #conscious, #unchangeable and imperishable soul to be peripheral and ancillary. We regard the body’s honor and dishonor as our own. Thus by attaching importance to the body, the insentient and the unreal, we do all the work, slighting the sentient and the #real. We are here to stay in this world, we are from here only - in this manner we assume ourselves to be the body and this world. Respect given to this body, becomes our respect, the criticism of this body, becomes our criticism – in this manner, giving importance to the inert, we moved on, and completely neglected the importance of the sentient, conscious element, as if it is non-existent ! In the predominant element, we #developed the feeling of secondary. And that which is unimportant, we have assumed it to be most important. That which is natural and innate, we condemn it and that which is unnatural we revere it - this is the basic error that gives birth to several other errors. The saying goes -

Dhur bigade sudhare nahin, kotik karo upaaya |
Brahmaand lou bad gaye , Vaaman naam na jaaya ||

If something goes wrong at the root, it can’t be reformed even though millions of methods are applied. Of all the manifestations of God, the tallest incarnation was “Trivikram”, in which the Lord Vishnu disguised as a dwarf became so tall that He covered the entire universe with His three steps. Though this was God’s tallest incarnation, but it was called the “dwarfish incarnation” because Lord came as a dwarf at the beginning. Similarly you have committed the basic error that you have attached importance to the insentient. This basic error will lead you to endless errors. If we wish to correct this error, then a very important and essential point is to not attach importance to the inert body that is
#impermanent and #perishable.

It is your own
#experience that the body changes while you (self) remain the same. But you, instead of attaching importance to the self, attach importance to the body and identify the self with it. So you say that you have become big or small, healthy or sick, you have been honored or dishonored and so on. Where have you been honored? Where have you been dishonored? If my point was not taken, and your point was taken, then where is the problem? Is there any #greatness in that at all? But what is at the root of this issue? Is there any existence of the thing that does not remain? Is there any significance in it? In essence, we have given importance to the inert, the perishable. We do not care anything about that which is natural and innate. Now whether you listen to divine talks, study #spiritual subjects, do everything else, but you will not leave the mistake! My name should be glorified, people should honor my appearance - such points are there within. 

Now however much you listen or share with others, it will all be useless, and pointless ! It is because of this error of identifying the self with the body and its name that even divine discourses don’t have their due effect on you. The body and name both are
#changeable and perishable, But you have attached so much importance to them that you neglect the real which will never cease to exist, Your #identification with the body and name will lead you to the cycle of birth and death as well as to hells. The reason is that you have followed the reverse path which will lead you to the reverse destination. So be alert.

Now realize this point that as such the name is not ours, the appearance is not the body. When we were in the mother’s womb, we did not have a name, even when we were born, we did not have a name. After ten days, the name was given. Even that name if it is changed, then you will pick the new name. Both name and form are changing, they will perish. You have grabbed hold of that which will perish and you do not care about that which will remain! You yourself do not think about this, and when told, you do not pay attention to this, what a big mistake this is! Minimally you must give due attention to this that this point is such! Now we have become alert, now we have come to our senses; We will not make such a mistake hence forth. If you do not pay attention to this now, then the amount of suffering that will have to take place, will be for this reason only. Birth and death will also be due to this reason only.

Now that you have caught on something that is completely wrong, how can the end result be OK? The end result will be wrong only. Henceforth, become alert and do your work properly, or else brothers! it will be a very bad state of affairs!

There is a rule - that which you accept from your heart, you have neither curiosity, nor doubt about it. In those instances, this point does not even arise about questioning that thing. Therefore, if you want to believe something, then accept God’s existence. And after acceptance, thereafter do not doubt, do not hesitate. Just as, when once married, then married for life, that is it! Now there is never ever any doubt in it, never any suspicion, never any curiosity about it. Just as when enlightened, no ignorance remains, similarly, on acceptance, it cannot be denied. The path of acceptance and the path of knowledge – these are two independent paths. We have to accept God (God’s existence); and we have to know the self and the world.

Now, pay close attention to the three important points that I am about to make. All the things that we have, we neither possessed these things before, nor will we possess them later on, and at present too they are moving away from us. Our life period has been reduced since we came over here and death has approached nearer. The body is constantly decaying and separating from us. “Ant van time dehaah” The Lord declares, “Those bodies are perishable” (Gita 2/18). But we, instead of attaching importance to the imperishable are attaching importance to the perishable. Just as one is rich “endowed with money” Similarly this body is endowed with perishable. However, by not giving it importance to, that which is everywhere, you are giving importance to the destructible - this is an error of judgment. If we rectify this error, then everything will improve, it will become OK.

The importance should be of the Self. The Self (soul) rather than the body attains salvation. By identifying the body you own, has lead you to bondage. This false identification itself is bondage. So follow the right path or know what is bondage and what is emancipation (salvation) and you will attain the goal of life. You accept the false and you do not know the true – this is the mistake that is made.

There were two ants. One living on the mountain of sugar-candy, while the other on the mountain of salt. The former invited the latter by praising the sweetness of sugar-candy. The latter asked whether it was sweeter than salt. The former replied that there was no sweetness in salt at all. The second ant went with the first ant and there it tasted sugar candy, but she did not find any difference in taste. The first ant was astonished to know this! Later, on scrutinizing further, she found out that the second ant had a pinch of salt in her mouth, now, how can any other taste be relished? The first ant, made the second remove the salt from its mouth and then asked her to taste the sugar. The sugar, it indeed tasted very sweet. The first ant once again asked, “How does it taste?” The second one said, “don’t disturb right now, let me enjoy it.” Similarly you listen to divine discourse by holding the piece of salt that the body is real. Its honor or dishonor or comfort or discomfort is real. This is so because you identify the self with the body, you keep good company by assuming identity with the body. In fact, you have with great strength held on to this point, for fear that it may not slip away, hoping that this belief does not loosen its grip ! Which such meticulous care, you do “satsang (association with real, truth).” But in fact this is “kusang” (association with the unreal, the false). It is not satsang.

When you have a firm conviction (strong belief) in a thing, you have neither doubt nor curiosity about it. You neither doubt your name nor have any curiosity to know how and why the name is what it is? For how long it has been so and why was that name given? Once you get married, you don’t doubt whether you have a wife and she does not doubt whether she has a husband. Why a husband? How is he the husband? For how long? For how many days he will remain? - Such thoughts never arise at all! Similarly when you identify yourself with the body, with a firm conviction, you regard its honor or dishonor, praise or blame etc., as your own (of the self) without doubt or questioning that how are these mine? Even on accepting artificial assumptions, our state becomes like this, then if we accept our natural state, the fact that “God is ours and we are God’s ,” you will attain the supreme bliss. Even if you become alert now as well, then it is a very good thing, or else when will you become alert?

The thing that is born (made) and then perishes requires effort and time to acquire. But spiritual enlightenment is spontaneous and axiomatic and it needs no action or time. The body undergoes birth and death while the self remains the same. The Lord declares, “The multitude of beings, coming forth again and again merges” (#Gita 8/19). It means that the body takes birth and dies while the soul (self) remains the same. So you should have a firm conviction that you (self) are different from the body. So how does it make any difference for you (self), if the body is honored or dishonored in the same way as honor or dishonor does not make any difference for a stone? You should accept the truth that God is yours. If you don’t understand it, obey the scriptures and saints, that God IS and He is mine. Then He will shoulder the responsibility and lead you to God Realization. But if you do not obey His words, or accept the opposite, then you yourself will have to shoulder the responsibility, in other words you will have to suffer the consequences.

You or even the great scientists can’t prove that “the body is I”. How can you prove the wrong to be right? You have caught hold of the wrong thing by identifying yourself with your name, body, caste, order of life, stage of life and country etc., and you are not prepared to loosen your hold i.e. renounce it. Now there is no question of having any curiosity. But you doubt God’s existence which is beyond doubt. If you have to doubt, doubt the world’s existence or your judgment. You should be curious to know these two. You may be a believer or a non-believer but don’t follow the reverse path to the right one. The world or the body is perishable, because it neither existed nor will exist, so how can it exist at present? If you understand this fact in right perspective, everything will be OK.

नारायण ! नारायण ! नारायण

From "Ease of God Realization" in Hindi and English by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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Respect Your Understanding
There is one very fine point. Be kind and please pay attention to it. Whatever circumstances one has been placed in, if he regards them as the best and makes the most beneficial use of them, then his well-being “kalyaana” will take place. Whatever things you have are enough. Nothing more than that is necessary. There is no necessity of knowing more than the sum of education you have. No more strength is necessary than the strength already with you. Whatever power, intelligence, ability, circumstances, etc., you have received, with the proper utilization of that much only, God realization “will” be possible. This is the absolute Truth and is real.
There is no derth of knowledge with you, but you do not put it to right use. You do not attach importance to it – this is the deficiency. The situation that is before us now, will not remain the same forever. This knowledge in you is not less or incomplete, it is full to the brim. If you rightly utilize this knowledge, this knowledge will be sufficient for your good or upliftment. It is not an iota less than is necessary; its right use is this that you do not get caught up in the mesh of circumstances, be neither pleased nor displease with it.
Questioner: This knowledge we do have, but the extent we want to know, that much knowledge we do not have.
Swamiji: Do you make the proper or right use of the knowledge that you have? The things which you deem perishable, do you or do you not desire to obtain those things?
Questioner: Yes we do have this desire.
Swamiji: Then where have you understood the term "perishable"? In reality, if you truly regard them as "perishable", then there would have been no desire in you to have them! What is the gain in attaining that which is perishable? Just like a wealthy man has money. Without the money he would not be called wealthy, similarly this world has only perishables and perishing things. That which is perishable how can it benefit us, how can it do us any good?
You are not perishable or mortal, but the body is perishable. The thing that has come as your belonging is subject to decay, but you yourself are not. The thing was not even there before and will not be there even hereafter. Rather even in the present it is ceaselessly and continuously moving towards destruction. You were there initially and will remain even after. Your existence will remain at all times. A question was put forth to me, that in the present how to gain knowledge that we will live (exist) Its answer is that you are afraid to do bad work and are pleased while doing good work; because of your feeling that by doing evil deeds you will beget pain and suffering, and by doing good, you will gain happiness in the future. This is proof that you have recognized your future existence.
If we do not regard your future existence, then who will go to heaven? Who will go to hell? You will be reborn? Who will be free or liberated? After “kalyaan” – self-realization, who will be full of bliss - you or the world? By implication, the purport is you will remain and the body and other things will not.
If you ponder carefully as to how the Indestructible can be made happy by things perishable? The meaning of “perishable” is that it has everything which suffers decay or destruction; nothing else than the perishable is with it.
"Ant tohi tajainge paamar tu ne tajai abahi te." Meaning, 
“O’ Fool! These things will all ultimately leave you. Why don’t you give them up right now?”
Trust not things that are perishable, but do make their best possible use. Do not depend on it as your support, having the notion that this thing will gratify me, that it will lead to my prosperity etc. Please pay a little heed to this – How will the things which are not with you at present, do you any good or make you happy when it becomes available to you in future? How will you prosper? That which is not there right now, will also not remain later on in the future. It will be separated from you; therefore how will it make you happy? Who knows with certainty whether you get it or not? And even if you get it, then too it will not remain for long, for that which is perishable is bound to perish.
The body etc. are
#perishable - you do know this, but you do not believe this. In other words, you do not give importance to your understanding or that which you know to be true. Had you given credence to your #knowledge, you would not have placed your trust on perishable goods, would not have wished or hoped for them, would not have become unhappy on not getting them, would not have craved for their being with you forever, would not have cared or worried about their perishability. On non-availability of that very situation that you desire, you become unhappy and are pained – such #unhappiness is born of sheer #foolishness. It is nothing but foolishness. To want to hold on to those things and situations that are subject to constant decay, and later become despondent on their destruction; what else is this if not foolishness? If some trouble or pain befalls us, then we begin to think as to how it can be remedied or rooted out. But, if truly viewed, it is already in the process of ending or vanishing. Whether favourable or unfavourable, that situation will not remain. That which comes, is bound to go away. Says Valmiki -
Sarve kshayaantaa nichayaah patanaantaah samuchryaah
sanyogaa viprayogontaa marayaantam cha jeevitam  (Valmiki Ramayana 2/105/16)
All collectibles are perishables. The end of all worldly rise (success) is a fall. The end of all meetings (coming together) is parting ways (separating). The end of life is death.
How can that which has come to us to ultimately do away, provide abiding happiness to us? What is there to be unhappy by it's going away. Neither happiness remains, nor unhappiness remains. Only you (self) remain. If the permanent (Self), wants to become happy by the impermanent or ephemeral, is it not his foolishness?
#Happiness is only on realization of that God Who is indestructible and ever present. If you repose your contentment anywhere other than in God i.e. in respect, honour, praise, relaxation, money, family, prosperity etc., you will be cheated, i.e. you will meet only faithlessness and treachery.
I tell you that which is in your experience. Whether one be a wizard of wisdom or emptied thereof. I do not tell something that is of a particular “varna”, stage in life, caste, community, race, of a certain organization or lineage, rather I tell you something that is the experience of all of mankind. That which meets, will inevitably part - this is the law of life. Now tell me whose exclusive experience is this – of the Hindus, or of the Muslims, or of the Christians? It pertains to whom – to children, to young ones of age, or to the elders? Whose experience is this - women or men’s? Of saint’s, or sadhu’s or householder’s? Whose experience is this - tell me? This point belongs to all. Please give attention to this. If you do so, you will be blessed and fortunate. What does giving attention mean? Simply speaking, do not become happy or unhappy by lending importance to the thing or situation which is transitory.
Why do you seek the support of a thing that is going to separate from you? Even previously you had sought its support and as a result of its not holding true after separation there from, you had suffered pain and misery , and, yet you seek and carve for its support and feel unhappy again and again. If you are not pleased or displeased by things subject to birth and decay, then you will realize the unborn Supreme Truth of Life (Paramatma). To desire that which has an origin and later decays, that whose birth and death you know, and to feel happy having obtained it, “is” in reality the maze or bondage of life. Besides this you have no other dilemma. If you eradicate or root out this maze, you will attain Paramatmatattva (God). That Divine Essence (God) has no end or separableness. It ever remains AS-IS, because it is the Truth (Sat). The real never ceases to be - "naabhaavo vidhyate satah." (Gita 2/16).
If someone insults you, you become very unhappy, then is the insult abiding and everlasting? When someone honours you and you feel happy, then is that honour everlasting? You (Self) will remain. It is a matter of wonder, that the everlasting becomes happy and sad with the ever fleeting things. At the very beginning in the Gita, Lord gives the following message –
na tvevaaham jaatu naasam ne tvam neme janaadhipaahna chaiva ne bhavishyaamah sarva vayamatah param(Gita 2/12)
Neither I, nor you, nor the kings were here before. Nor will they remain later on. What was meant by these words? It means, that right now the situation you are in, it will not remain later on. That thing or circumstance which is ever changing, it will vanish into thin air, in course of time. Of what avail is it in then to be sad or unhappy? Why are you becoming happy on attaining it? If you received #honour, then what avail is it? What did you gain by receiving honour? Sheer deception! Besides deception you received nothing else. Knowingly why do you suffer a deception?
Right from today
#Consciousness should dawn and grow in to you, that you will not be pleased when honoured and displeased when dishonoured. As neither honour, nor the dishonour are everlasting. What difference does it make to you in either case? Achievement of that which is ever changing or decaying is thus as good as no achievement at all. In reality, the perishable is constantly going away from you every moment. Neither happiness will stay, nor unhappiness will stay. If you get these then what difference does it make? What you got was perishable only. If you get it, then too you did not get, and if you did not get it, then too you did not get it. In reality, there is always separation from that which is perishing, there is no union at all. Union is only your hypothesis. Why then incur #Pleasure or #displeasure on this basis? Is this true or not? Tell me.
Listener: This is absolutely true! Holy sir!
Swamiji: If this is absolutely true, then why cause any delay? Accept this truth, today, now, at this very moment. There should not be any delay in this. It permits of no future, not even a minute or two! If you do not get pleased or displeased by the perishable, you will attain the Imperishable. If you do not, you may twist my ear.
From book "Be Good" by
#Swami #Ramsukhdasji
नारायण ! नारायण ! नारायण !

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