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So what!! That all I ever feel is a product of seclusion, 
But just as I am able to make a human connection,
How it feels? My memory's vague, but I value their emotions, 
But i do Understand the mechanics of the emotional motion, 
They don't deserve what I've been till date, 
Human connection is the most valuable aspect, 
Don't even dare to question or debate, 
For What I just said, 
Here lies the stain of purity you can't erase, 
Checkmate to my own hate, 
I am 2 in one mate, 
Ill turn my life around for in them I've found a reason,
To decode, erode, scar a lesion, HEY INSANITY, 



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Love Shayari in Hindi Your   Love   is
My   Strength
In   your   absence
and   in   your 
Presence #NojotoQuote


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Book quotes in Hindi Taking things simple instead of complicating it with our storm of emotions..
[read caption for the story dedicated to friendship]

(Don't just love without reading)
too long..

How you become friends with somebody?
When you are an introvert yourself!
So let's say this was the typical girl met a guy became friends and much more..
It was he,
who himself came to her for introduction with a handshake..
She being the typical shy on the outside,
Just smiled it off saying her name..
Guess what starts then?
The feelings & emotions get involved..
When only two people of the same age group exist,
Rest others are your seniors at work place..
So the mutual understanding & special preference for one another just exist without realising..
From working together,
To sharing chocolate's..
From teasing,
To complementing each other..
Saving each other from the unnecessary commotions..
Helping and doing each other's work..
Those getting concerned if one doesn't show up,
The mandatory good morning wishes..
Everything felt special and dear..
The absence felt when someone took up leaves,
The messing up & smirks every little moment was cherished..
They never spent time alone,
She always stayed aloof for she was scary little cat feared to be noticed..
Yet they always understood!
The phase when the relationship takes some twists loveable,
They finally exchanged numbers..
It started all over again with a *HI*
And prolonged to late hours of night when one finally announced they were sleepy..
Calls were still at bay,
As the one was always shy!
The connection kept growing strong,
For the one or the other always understood & compromised..
Now that's how a connection lives,
Both of them involved needs to adjust according to what situation demands..
We can't always stay stubborn and do as our heart says,
We need to stay low and let the high tide pass..
For the heart is always right,
But times when logic takes over nothing makes sense..
Here comes another phase which digs deep and joins their heart a few inches closer,
The calls !
The wait for the office hours to end and climb different buses,
And reach our stop when he was finally clear to call her and hear her say few words in her time alone till she reached home..
Those 15min became their favourite time spent together,
She may or may not be much of a speaker but even the silence meant everything..
The random office calls to calls just to see each other's face as the time been long..
To know the whereabouts of one another,
To finding reasons to dial each other numbers became a ritual..
Happiness and smiles were found in the little things,
Enquiring about one another eating habits to forcing the other to eat as their mood being not well..
They bloomed without any worries,
Not that they didn't fight or argue ever..
Offices and families did stress out,
But they did understand each other well to put no stress marks in their connection formed..
They knew there's no better stress buster they had than one another..
They were stuck with offices,
She being from a conservative family never met him out of office..
Those 8hrs of constant working,
Stealing glances was all they had themselves..
Things were going smooth,
They became very good friends without anyone knowing except them..
Time came when the bomb was thrown & meant to be exploded to crush the secure bubble they were in..
His Marriage?!
Then later she had to leave office forever..
These two consecutive events Did change many things but their bond is still thy same..
Apart yet always their for one another..
Her words on his big day,
Was the biggest achievement and the most trustworthy act of understanding that made them friends for life..
They last met in a library where she finally permitted herself to see him for the last time,
Shedding the inhibition of getting noticed!
They met over a cup of coffee amidst the other fellow student's staring making her conscious..
Though it lasted for just 10min,
It still remains etched..
Should they have hugged ?
Would it had ruined anything?
The only regret she has was to not hug him for the first & last time!
I guess sometimes keeping things simple,
Actually defines the essence of a relationship they shared..
No meet & greet,
No hugs shared,
Limited time spent together
Yet Getting yourself bound by a bond,
Understood by few known by many..
Simplicity was the essence of their relationship that keeps them going strong..
Enjoying one's happiness & sorrow's..
That's what life is all about,
Taking things simple instead of complicating it with our storm of emotions.
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She was a nightmare dressed like daydream,
Amidst the chaos, she was a soothing stream.

Everytime she stepped out she left everyone in amaze,
The world had no other option but to gaze.

But she was a mystery of emotions,
Her eyes sparkled like a glittering ocean

But her red lipstick wove a story of its own,
The seeds of love that in heart were sown.

But the day she put her red lipstick off,
The eyebrows raised, there were coughs.

The eyes questioned the absence of redness on her lips,
People wanted to feed her some happiness tips.

But little did people knew the connection,
The red lipstick and her swaying emotions

It had a connection with her heart,
The love of her life had torn her apart

The happiness of red thus conflicted her thoughts,
She was bewildered by many ‘ifs’ and ‘whats’.

So people now were accustomed to her plain look,
Without the idea that her world was shook.

And one day the wind took the diversion route,
The patience and the wait had finally yielded its true fruit.

The heartbeat had risen again,
The reason was a guy who had become her main.

His love was her greatest high,
She wanted to propagate this feeling without any shy.

The next day, with a gentle hair flick,
She took everyone with surprise as she was back with her red lipstick.


The Red Lipstick

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love hurts        I call him piggy Moti
       She tells me piggu Motu

A brother-sister relationship is very special....

  Though we don't have a connection of
   Blood, I still feel lucky that we have a
       Connection of heart and emotions💕.....

Mention your brother or sister from another

  💞💖💓👨‍👧❤️💖💕 #NojotoQuote

#Brother-sis love#piggy moti-#piggu motu#sis-bro relationship#quotes

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