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l Love the way she Breathe

I love the way she Breathes
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#Sources of water in the diet #Dietitionpreeti

It has been estimated that roughly 20% of water consumed is from food, and the remaining 80% from beverages. The water content of food varies widely; it is usually less than 40% in cereal products, 40-70% in hot meals, more than 80% in fruits and vegetables, and approximately 90% in human breast milk and cows’ milk.
We can get our fluid requirements from a number of sources as water is contained in most foods and all drinks consumed. It is not necessary to drink only ‘pure’ water, although this is a good choice. Other drinks such as squash, fruit juice, fizzy drinks, tea and coffee contribute to our daily requirements too. Like everything we consume, selection depends on personal preference and availability. In addition to their contribution to our water needs, beverages may also have a wider effect on our health. Some, such as fruit juice, milk and tea contain nutrients and other substances that are beneficial for health. However, it is important to be aware of the sugar and overall energy content of beverages. Drinking a lot of energy-containing beverages may cause over consumption of energy, potentially leading to weight gain and obesity.
Dental health is also a consideration, and frequently consuming beverages containing sugar, such as fruit juices and sugar-containing fizzy drinks, can increase the risk of dental caries. In addition, dental enamel erosion can be caused by frequent consumption of acidic beverages, such as fruit juices and carbonated beverages.

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supporter, fighting with love,always done right

#Friendship #nojoto #Content

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#Motivation day after every night ,darknness before every light , successful after every failness this all motivate me ,

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every moments in joyful

#nojoto #Love #beauitiful #Content

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