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Broken Nib

Is this our dream Youngistaan?

Youngistaan of which we Indians were proud few years ago, hasn't actually lived up to the expectations. Most of our young generations are being irresponsible. They lost their way in qualms of being out of trend. Smoking weed, attending clubs seems cooler to them, then attending the office on daily basis. Getting high on weed preffered then reaching heights on career. Respect what you do, be responsible for it. Enjoy the stash you bought, but after you are done with your responsibilities for the day. The weed thing is getting into the blood of this nation. I am afraid that a movie named "Udta India" is very likely to be released within next 5 years, if this trend is not stopped here. 

No, I am not a successful youth too, i earn a meagre amount as salary. But, I can proudly say that I understand my responsibilities towards my family, job and I respect them. I enjoy my life too, I attend parties, I watch football sipping tea and I read anything I want to. I know its not trendy, but I am cool with it, cause it brings me happiness. #youngistaan #our_generation #weed_addict #drugs_adict #cool #broken_dreams #mywords #dream_hindustaan #mission_2020

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