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hello my love how are you?are you fine ?
sorry to say but i m not fine here i m being just getting deeper and deeper to our old memories which is killing me inside😥😥😥 
Love please come back😭😭

love never dies😭😭😭

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कर्म बढ़िया होने चाहिये (Karma should be fine) | Life Thought, thot hindi, whatsapp status thought, respect thought in hindi, thought quotes

Life Thought | thot hindi, whatsapp status thought, respect thought in hindi, thought quotes,Thought of the day
thought quotes(thot hindi)

कर्म बढ़िया होने चाहिये क्योकि वक्त किसी का नहीं होता....
बाजार में उन नोटों को भी कबाड़ के भाव बिकते देखा……
जो कभी पूरा बाजार खरीदने की ताकत रखते थे।।।

जरा सी बात से..
मतलब बदल जाते हैं....

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#karma_should_be_fine #life_thought #whatsapp_status_thought #respect_thought_in_hindi #thought_quotes

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After you left. 
I pretended to be fine. 
Just to get hit by a thought. 
Why are you just pretending? 
Well, I answered my mind. 
If I'll pretend, I'll be fine
Maybe one day, I'll end up being better. 
If I'll pretend, I have no feelings. 
Maybe one day, I wouldn't be left with any. 
If I'll pretend, I never loved someone so deep 
Maybe one day, I can accept someone again as my love. 
If I'll pretend, my heart is not hurt.
Maybe someday, I'll be completely healed. 
Then my mind said. 
"Pretend, until you feel better, with no feelings, to accept someone new while you get completely healed".
And it started "pretending" 



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He - How are You ?
She - Happie

Their is a Thick line between Fine and Happie

#selflove #Fine #Happie #HeShe #microtale

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