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_With regards from our associative platforms *Heart's Database* & *Writer's Paradise*, We invite you all to be a part of our upcoming book 💕 *Ineffectuals*💕 presented by *Famian*_

_"Not every Love story starts with a *I love you* and not every Love story ends with a *I hate you*_"

_*Ineffectuals* will be a collection of those stories which remained incomplete but yet holds lots of emotions and feelings._

*Genre*-Love/Affection/Mutual Attraction
*Theme*-Incomplete Love Stories (No Breakups)
*Eligible*-All(Writers+Non Writers)
*Age Groups*- 16 and up
*Total Slots*-25

**Its completely free*. No criteria or pre order or post order compulsion.
*Theme is already mentioned i.e Incomplete Love stories.
*One person can submit one time.
*Fresh story expected .Stories found published somewhere else or posted on social sites will be rejected.
*Plagiarism should be strictly avoided.
*You have to submit your story on the link given below.
*Word Limit* - 800 words
*More instructions are given in the form link.

*Deadline*: 6th July 2019

*Best Stories will be selected and the candidates shortlisted will be displayed on our social handles as well as an email will be send to the selected candidates with further process*

Submit your stories on the below given link

Copyright© *_Famian_*
deadline is 17 july

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इस पिक्चर को डाउनलोड कर और इस पर कैप्शन लिख कर अपने अकाउंट से हैशटैग #rakshabandhan_special के साथ 10 तारीख से पहले पहले पोस्ट पोस्ट करें । चुनिंदा कैप्शन को इस माह की मैगज़ीन में प्रकाशित किया जाएगा ।

साथ ही यह भी ध्यान रखें कि पिक्चर पर लिखीं हुई चार पंक्तियों को अपने पोस्ट की कैप्शन में अपने इंस्टाग्राम आईडी के साथ लिखेंगे तो बेहतर रहेगा । इस बार की यह पिक्चर सोशल मीडिया पर वायरल पिक्चर से ली गई हैं जिसको हमारे पाठक ने हमें भेजा था ।

आप अपने साथियों को टैग कर इस पर अपनी कलमकारी दिखाने का अवसर दें ।
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I switched on the phone    aaj kal rishto se important phon ho gye hei 
khne ko to ye ak mishini dibba hei 
par sabhi esme ked ho gye hei 

jis ensaan se ghnto hum baate kar lete hei phon par 
uske samne aane par hum phon me hi kho gye hei 

aajkal rishto se important phon ho gye hei

aaj kal rishto se importent phon ho gye hei
#Phon #Social #bolteshabddimika #WOB

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Najane kha se aaye ho tum...khne ko insaan ho pr faristo ka farz ada krne aaye ho tum.roto k chre pr muskaan laaye ho  tum.har maa ki duaaye h saath tumhare..har bache ki hasi m aaye ho tum..dete ho shara hr jarurt ko. tum faristo ka farz aada krne aaye ho tum tum...


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najane kis majhab k ho ap log..na jane kis khuda ne bnaya h apko.roto k chre pr muskaan laate ho.amiri or gribi ka bhed mitate ho.kuch anjaan bndo ko neki ki raah dikhate ho..jo b ho jaise b ho...fatisto ki pechchhan btate ho ap log....


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