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Being a writer, Before writing about any moment / situation, We need to consider / imagine effects of all the elements (Pyschological, Emotional or Social) present in that moment / situation. In short, We need to live / experience that moment / situation.

My present poem / quote is the story of a 23 year old boy. Tired of continuous failure in life, He finally decided to take his last breathe. His soul is ready to relinquish this evergreen monster society.

Truely speaking, His painful story touched my soul and therefore, I decided to write this poem / quote. After writing this poem / quote, When I read it, I found that I was not able to express his pain / depression and thirst of happiness in proper manner. I tried several times to make requisite changes in my poem / quote, But sadly, inspite of several attempts, I didn't find my this poem / quote satisfactory.
However, Inspite of not getting satisfaction, This quote / poem is close to my heart.

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Beyond the waves of epiphany my words flow in the essence of their being creating but a formation of soul soothing scribbles everytime when they merge just to but rejuvenate all the spark that collapsed amidst the scars

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to sayad khud KO bhul rahe ho tum

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That day, I thought I lose...
  but the very next moment I started thinking about, the step I was going to choose!...

 Suddenly I remembered the dream  which came into my mind!...
 I had already lost myself, so it was difficult for me to find!...
 but ...
but that moment taught me, how to bind...

 all those dedication , motivation...
 and the most important inspiration!...
 just to get all that I want...
 by this I forgot this thought, that I can't!!


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Today I spend Half an hour with you and
that moment is the best moment of my life,
I feel like everything is beautiful,
and when our eyes contact each other then a little attack of happiness in my heart and I feel like I am drunk.
and that half an hour time of today is best for me when You are beside me and talking with me in the back of your school van and we stand under the roof of your school van.
when you tell me "Now there is no one, we are alone" I feel like I am in love with you again and again. Then you tell me in slowly voice that "Why you cant do anything, just do something we are alone" then in my heart I think about a kiss and a hug but then I stop, I cant able to do, because I think You will do this first❤️because In My life in everything you are first❤️

Time=10:55 to 11:25


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