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The last boy who kissed my lips, told me that he feared thunder, lightning and darkness.
Last night when he came home and collapsed in my arms, I held him close and I saw him shudder with every thunder outside my window pane like it reverberated within him.

I moved my fingers up and down his spine, delicately and whispered "it is going to be alright, sweetheart". He closed his eyes and sobbed in tandem to the pitter-patter of the rain while his hands went around in small circles around my waist. The moonlight seeping from the window and falling on the crest of his face made him look adorable and I raised myself on my elbow to gently kiss him.

I saw him whispering something to himself, like a chant to swallow his fears down his throat. He spoke between his sobs while I contemplated his words.

He told me how the night makes him relive his childhood fears and how the lightning, the thunder, the rain and the lights going out dread him and reminds him of his uncle who would walk into his room, push him to the wall while his hands would grope and grab their way down his torso. The old man's violent groans would send shivers down his timid body and his fears added to his wild excitement. His coarse grips caused more pain than a nine year old kid could take and left behind scars so deep and concealed that none could heal.

I looked at the strong twenty three year old man lying beside me while his dark black eyes held the innocence of an eight year old, waiting for me to hurt him and break him apart. I closed my eyes and pulled myself closer to the beats of his crippled heart.

I wish I could tell him that I dread the darkness too, that every silence that follows the storm in my life leaves me like a town defeated in a major catastrophe and while he fears the darkness to bring in demons, I see the angels vamoose in it, just like I saw him dress up and leave.

- meroenix

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tring... tring... tring...
pick up please

3 years, 10 months, 6 days
and I had to write you this!

Dearest dumbo,
I pray it's not too late.

Just tell me, tell me how are you?
I saw the headlines yesterday, the dilapidated buildings, the burnt trees, the roads filled with smoke, the screams, and all that followed after the 11 cylinder blasts from the hotel you share the wall with.

I saw our house tear apart where we had once stitched memories.
I heard the screams from the people and I felt platonic towards our house, but can I call it ours?

I remember the day I had walked in, done with your daily tantrums, deleted your number, trashed my sim and stormed out from those doors which now resemble my charred heart, with the promise to never walk back in again.


I deleted your number, yet the digits remain within me.
7 locked lips each time we met
8 kms drive from my house to yours
2 fights that we had
9 days of no food dates, my fast that came our way
8 kms from your house to mine
0 times you forgot to confess the love you had for me
4 times we made love in a week
3 the date you went down on your knees
4 the date I said yes
1 to the one I ever loved

I know that you don't pick up calls or reply to unknown numbers, but just tell me that you are alright.
I am the girl who called you 23 times last night.

forever and ever... if you will take me back.

PS: I love you, still.

- meroenix

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I saw a kid working !!
during his class timing
due to his own hungry
I saw a kid working !!
due to school fee hassling..

I saw a #kid #Working !!
#during his #class #timing
#due to his #own #hungry
I saw a kid working !!
due to
#School #fee #hassling..

#Quotes #poor #kid #hungry #Corruption #India #Stories #Shayari #situation #helplessness #democracy #unequality #Right #Education #cheat #Human #indevlopment #nation #Problem #mantukumar #mantukumarnojoto #nojotohindi #nojotoenglish #nojoto #Poetry #rythms

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Tall, dark and lean,
At the same time, very mean.

Never would he smile,
Just look from a mile.

Troubling the little kids,
In the class mids.
A little push here,
A little pull on their hair there.
Hogging on thier lunch,
With a satisfying munch.
The reason for his grin,
While others were prim.

A frown on his face,
Football studs as his base.
Full of mighty grace,
Saw him doing a dog's caress.

Thought this bully has a reason,
As people don't change like seasons.
Saw him go back to his home,
With a face which was completely lone.

Saw his dad walk into the house,
Tipsy was he like a louse.
Removed his belt from the jean's strap,
While the bully stood there like crap.

So used to the beating was he,
Not an unusual breath did he breathe.
Took out his frustration on the kids,
And his love on the dog's lipids.

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Terrace-A Short Story,
I Saw A Girl From Terrace Of My Home. Sometimes, I Think It's A Chance Event To See Her When I Stayed On The Terrace. Because, When I Would Go To My Terrace Suddenly She Entered To My Street With A Killing Smile.One Day I Stand On My Terrace Suddenly We Both Have Eye Contact With Each Other. She Smiled, The I Smiled. That Was The Day When We Talked Each Other At First Time Without Saying Anything Else.....

Terrace-A Short Story,
I Saw A Girl From Terrace Of My Home.

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