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Alkash Raja

How the New Generation is Changing the Game" 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 #generationx #Millennials #genz #Knowledge #newgeneration #ChangingTimes #Boomers #Generationgap #GenAlpha #DigitalNatives #AgeGroups

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Siyabonga Zuma

Thank me later...Millennial generation:

It is my dream to see the whole world healing. My goal is to stimulate, motivate and elevate the millennial generation. I want to inspire people, make them believe in their dreams so they can prosper through them and quit following other people's trends. Just as I was inspired to do so by Kendrick Lamar.

I hope that when you come across my quotes in the future, you do not see me as a "know it all" kind of person, as I am writing about my own life experiences through the years. When you read my quotes, I want you to feel like you are engaging in a conversation with a friend who cares about you deeply.

Take this as social activism. I'd rather make you cry with the truth, than to see you smile off a lie. I hope you'll thank me later. Cred Google images..
#millennials #thankmelater #inspire #people
#yqbaba #yqtales


"We don't always do what our parents want but that doesn't mean we are wrong" - #Millennials

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"We don't always do what our parents want but that doesn't mean we are wrong" - #Millennials

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