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"kill. -read caption."

-read caption.

“Darkness. When everything that you know and love is taken away from you so harshly. All you can think about is anger, hatred and even revenge. And no one can save you.”
So it is usually better that the lights dim for him.. It is not that he cannot be saved... But addiction ruined him.
What was he better at by the way?
Oh please.
He trusted people.
He knew that someone had his back...
He helped them.
He was kind and generous..
He was there for people that needed him.
He was the perfect man.
But what did he get?
A sweet taste of betrayal.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
You know what died in him?
The moment he tasted the truth of life...
He was mesmerised by what destiny had in store for him...
You see..
People do not see the pain behind the creases of a smile.
They see he is more happy now..
Now he has to be the karma..
Oh you don't know?..
Karma fucks everyone.
He has become the monster.
“It’s not the face that makes someone a monster, it’s the choices destiny makes with their lives.” It was his time to kill. - Please share and comment your thoughts. It's just a rough portray of torn people.
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. - Sufiyan Ansari.

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"OUIJA BOARD -Read caption"

-Read caption

Ouija board
"Not that again!!!"
"Oh please it works.."
" It's just a piece of crap.. it's nothing"
"Then.. why don't we all give it a try?"
My sister was always into these stuffs. I don't know why but she was always into the illuminati... The free masons.. the dark spirits and whatnot.
I am hardly a religious person, I actually don't believe in such things.. So what's wrong in giving it a try?
Well that was the biggest mistake I ever made.
The thing she brought was some sort of spirit board. It had some alphabets and a yes and no sign with the crucifix and a small bone head logo.
I don't know but I was getting a bad vibe from it... May be it was my intuition or..
Maybe not.
After all it was brought from Amazon.. and I don't believe in these stuffs right?
And if I declined maybe I would be called a chicken and that too in front of her friends..
That would be a great week.
So I joined in.
My sister told me we would all wear black as it symbolises the spirit. There in my room she drew a Pentagon and a circle and started lightning candles. These candles were then placed at the star points while we four sat in the middle with some incense sticks burning around us.
Then she turned off the lights.
" Why the hell does it happens in my room? And that too in the dark??? "
I groaned from inside.
"You see", she started "we have to think about Elizabeth.. you remember? She was my senior?"
" How could I even forget that cute little face!! With that gorgeous body?" I told myself.
" Yeah I do."
"Then close your eyes put all your hand all of you.. yes bro you too.. and think about her" she replied earnestly..
And a warning... Don't put your hand away without saying goodbye.
She started whispering..
" Is Elizabeth James with us.. can you hear me .. please respond.."
She whispered again..
And again.
Then my hands moved with the dial... I was actually startled by I jolted by saying "what is this a joke!!!"
And I saw something....
There was just two hands on the dial.
Mine and Elizabeth's. - Kurei tamashi.
"Readers beware.. you chose a scare"
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"love. -read caption."

-read caption.

The way he treated her it was heavens to see them both siting and eating roasted corns together..
After all she was a special child.
Yes THE special child.
She was special in her own way. At the age of 2 doctors declared her state by explaining that even after maturity she would still have the brain of a 5 year old.
But still that didn't work the moment he saw her.
Actually he was just returning from college when he saw that his neighbours are changed. It wasn't the usual khuranas.. the door usually locked and muffled screams of Aunty shouting at her son for not doing his homework.
He got to know that they left and someone else had taken the house.
There was a cute old couple.. and then there was she.
When he first saw her it was a bit odd to see an 18 year old still keeping a doll with her wherever she went. She was a bit blonde and had those deep blue eyes. She only reached his chest. Yet she was always hopping and jumping. She was but somehow abstract in her moves. She used to stare at the line of ants crawling around for hours or would always hold her mother's hand while even sitting in the verandah. He noticed that she never talked and the only thing that came out of her mouth was some babble.
Mustering some courage he went to her house the next day.
Yes yes the usual greet your new neighbour thing but he was curious to find about that girl too.
So he knocked.
The door was opened by her mother.
After the greetings were exchanged he was so curious to know what was with that girl he instinctively greeting her by a streched hand.
But he was just replied by a stare and a half smile.
Her mother shouted from behind....
"Please, Dear shake hands!!"
She grabbed her hand so quickly that he was quick too to end the touch. Her mother noticed the unusual strangeness growing and called him to the kitchen.

Then he knew that what was wrong.
She was a special child.
He felt really sorry for her. For not getting to know people. Not having to socialize with people. Not having to learn or get close to people.
But as if she was a magnet.
Even after returning from the house he was constantly in thoughts.
The more he stared at her the more he got so into the girl that he couldn't keep himself. Whenever he saw her he used to greet her and make some or the other remark or do something that she replies.
But she always was locked up.
She would just stare at him.
Or sometimes smile.
Oh I forget to mention that.
Her smile.
The most beautiful thing in the world that was even dearer to him and his diary was her smile.
It was magical!
As if the hands of the clock stopped.
The world stops spinning and everything just stops.
He promised himself that he would do anything... Mind you .. anything in this word to keep her smiling.
Oh how he wished that he could take her out. Go to school with her do something.
But you know what?
He sucked at his life.
He wasn't a star kid too.
He was just a nerd. All keeping everything to himself and his diary.
He wasn't social too. Even his Instagram account had only minimum people that he would connect.
Yes connect.
Connect to him was just talking.
But not with her.
When he was with her he used to connect himself to his soul.
Everything seemed so beautiful and peaceful.
He was granted the permission to speak and play with her.
Her mother noticed that he was different. Usually people who got to know her...
Her mother dreaded that.
They usually sexualized her.
A girl with no brains but great beauty was a hot thing to deal with.
That too she barely talked.
But her mother saw that he was different.
He would spend hours just to get her smile.
After all the new neighborhood was good.
It was so cute to see him dancing and swaying to funny songs just to see her smile.
And he used to even bring her ice-creams.
She loved it.
It was so much cute to see them.
She even used to not speak to her father as he abandoned her when he got to know her medical conditions.
Her father just used to bury himself in the newspaper.
But he was the only person that she talked to.
Or whatever babling is.
Maybe that what life is all about.
It maybe that maybe life isn't what is it gives you.
It is what you make out of it.
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#SSS shubham

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What is your greatest pleasure?
Being the richest?
Or something more interesting for you...
Something more dark...
Darker than people can imagine??..
Just hand on a second.
Humour me but answer this.
What it is to kill someone.
Sense of achievement if that harms you.
But not here bud.
You see.. I love pouring out the scarlet water from the neck of my victims...
The pain they experience will the knife slithers down the throat...
The muffled screams of anguish.. It mesmerises me.
The warmth of blood.
The rush of adrenaline..
The darkness engulfing me...
Ah. That's a feeling.
Hey wait what do u prefer?
A gun?
Nah. It's just too quick.
It's always better with a blade.
That's too gross they say... Never killed huh?.
Oh I do many times. You see this is India. We have almost a billion people living like cockroaches here. So one or two missing from this place.. no one bats an eye.
It's better I think to clean the population I think.
Do you know what keeps them away from me?...
They call me psychopath.
Mind you...
The next time you turn over in the bed facing the walls...
You may see the gleam of my blade.
And the horror in your eyes?
It'll be all good.
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