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In this </a><a class="tagAnchor" href="" title="Youtube">#Youtube</a><a href="" onclick=""> video learn how to make Paneer Dahi </a><a class="tagAnchor" href="" title="Onion">#Onion</a><a href="" onclick=""> Sandwich, Kids Tiffin </a><a class="tagAnchor" href="" title="Sandwich">#Sandwich</a><a href="" onclick=""> in a very easy step-by-step. Veg </a><a class="tagAnchor" href="" title="Curd">#Curd</a><a href="" onclick=""> sandwich or yogurt sandwich is </a><a class="tagAnchor" href="" title="healthy_Indian_sandwich">#healthy_Indian_sandwich</a><a href="" onclick=""> recipe. </a><a class="tagAnchor" href="" title="Dahi_Sandwich">#Dahi_Sandwich</a><a href="" onclick=""> are very easy,quick & healthy recipe for </a><a class="tagAnchor" href="" title="kids_lunch_box">#kids_lunch_box</a><a href="" onclick=""> & </a><a class="tagAnchor" href="" title="Breakfast">#Breakfast</a><a href="" onclick="">. नाश्ते में बनाये पनीर दही प्याज सैंडविच | </a><a class="tagAnchor" href="" title="Yogurt_Sandwich_Recipe">#Yogurt_Sandwich_Recipe</a><a href="" onclick=""> </a><a class="tagAnchor" href="" title="Dahi_Sandwich">#Dahi_Sandwich</a><a href="" onclick=""> </a><a class="tagAnchor" href="" title="Veg_Sandwich">#Veg_Sandwich</a><a href="" onclick="">

In this #Youtube video learn how to make Paneer Dahi #Onion Sandwich, Kids Tiffin #Sandwich in a very easy step-by-step. Veg #Curd sandwich or yogurt sandwich is #healthy_Indian_sandwich recipe. #Dahi_Sandwich are very easy,quick & healthy recipe for #kids_lunch_box & #Breakfast. नाश्ते में बनाये पनीर दही प्याज सैंडविच | #Yogurt_Sandwich_Recipe #Dahi_Sandwich #Veg_Sandwich

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Spicy Suwir Chicken
Main ingredients : 1/2 kg chicken breast
7 cloves of garlic
4 cloves of red onion
Small chilli
1 large chilli
Turmeric powder
1 segment Kencur
1 segang Galang, digeprek
2 stalks of lemongrass
4 orange leaves
2 bay leaves
50 ml coconut milk thick coconut milk
1 tsp of shrimp paste
1 tbsp brown sugar
Way : Chicken washed first, boiled using yellow spice.
Boil chicken with low heat 30 minutes ripe
Lift & let cool, chicken disuwir
Puree garlic, onion, small chili, chili big, kencur, turmeric add shrimp paste & brown sugar sauteed seasoning smoothed do not forget to give oil
Sauté & stir again flat, enter the digeprek galang, lemongrass, leaves oranges, bay leaves stir back & enter suwiran chicken.
Add salt & Sasa
Stir again flat.
Pour thick coconut milk cooked perfumed marinade.

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Foods that can be made within 15 minutes :

Microwaved egg - Its yum and superquick. Just break an egg in a cup or small bowl, blend it or not. Sprinkle salt/condiments. Put in microwave for 30–45 seconds. Tadaaaa! Have it with Brown bread grilled without oil/butter.

2. Grilled Chicken - Marinate Chicken breast pieces cut in small sizes, freeze for 15 mins and put down in grill for 5 min. Yeeeee!

3. Bread Rava/Sooji Toast - Add water and chopped capsicum/onion/greenchilli/basil/tomato to sooji/rava to make a paste consistency. Add salt/condiments. Apply this past to one side of bread and cook bread from this side on greased tawa/ non-stick. Tadaaa!

4. Hashbrowns - Boil 2 big potatoes. Grate them after peeling. Add roasted oats (roasted on dry non-stick pan)/salt/condiments/chopped onion/chopped veg (Carrot/capsicum). Mash everything together. Make round cutlets and shallow fry on non-stick or thick base tawa.

5. Oats Shake - For filling breakfast I personally like to make a shake - Strawberry/banana/mango/whatsoever you wish and add 4–5 spoons oats to it before blending . You won’t feel hungry too soon :)

6. Egg Parantha - Beat 2 whole eggs in a bowl. Add salt/condiments. Make one plain roti. Now pour half of the beaten egg mix on greased non-stick pan/tawa. Once it starts solidifying, place roti on the top, let it stick to it completely on one side. Pick up the one sided egged roti on a plate and pour another half of the beaten egg mix, place roti with non-egged side on it now and let it cover all the visible part of the roti. Tadaa! Super-quick/Healthy/stomach filling.

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Kheere ka rayta:-
1. fresh Kheera - 1
2. curd( dahi) - 250gm
3. Bhuna hua jeera power - 1 tbl spoon
4. Bhuni hui Kali mirch - 1/4 tbl spoon
5. Bhuni hui Lal mirch -1/2 tbl spoon
6. kati hui onion - 1/2
7. Black salt - to taste
8. salt - to taste
9. pudina & anardana - to garnish

Banane ki vidhi
Ek bowl me curd Ko 10 minutes tak achchhi tarah se fet le ,uske bad usme Barik kata Kheera ,barik kate onion milaye. fir usime bhune hue masale aur salt dalkar achchhe se milaye. aur ant me pudine aur anar dane se garnish karke biryani ya roti jiske sath bhi pasand ho sarv kare. aapka rayta taiyar hai. thank you

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#थालीपीठ #Thalipeeth #TodaysBreakfast

When ingredients like
#BengalGramFlour, #WhiteMilletFlour, #WheatFlour, #Onion, #tomato, #Coriander, #GreenChillies are battered together, you are getting a tasty dish.

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