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khubshurati mohbbat me nhi jasbaato me hoti hai.
fikar teri roj subho shaam hoti hai..
chay ki mithash aur pani ki pyaas me hoti hai ...
fir bhi kahtay  hai aaj kal teri yaad mere pass nhi hoti hai...

jhuth bole subho shaam #nothing#something#Love#negotiate#Attention#divided#prectical#Dream

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Never knew that colors could belong to a religion
Saffron for Hindus, green for muslims, what if a Hindu likes green or a Muslim like saffron
Didn't know religion too had patented clothes;

Didn't know we could be divided on cast, Creed, sex
Did God call anybody to classify his children as upper class and lower class children.

If God has divided us in classes then I defy

Ignorant me..?

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The Religion of Rape

and Geeta
two children
like many other we don't know
were raped
and killed
But "we"
the divided "we"
politically aware "we"
rather then questioning the government
on issue of law and order
Divided their agony as Hindu and Muslim
and we say we are "civilised "

i really wonder
how is Geeta different from Asifa
how relevant is the scene of crime
Mandir, Masjid, Factory, Bar, School
what relenvece does it hold
other then broadcasting a stark message
Our children are not safe
and how could they be
as "we"
the educated "we"
the civilised "we"
are more keen to see the incident form the immoral lense of politics

It's amazing to realise
how does the electoral politics of this country works
like an AIDS virus
and we have come to the symptomatic state
where the immune system of our society has broken down
and we have reached the onset of self cannibalism

There is still time left
and we must realise that the fault is not in our stars
but in our minds
Both Asifa and Geeta were kids
after a long tiring day
" we " saw on our way back
and smiled....

" we " have to wake up
and shout out aboud
to our political jugglers
be they leftist, rightist or centrist
we will not let you divide India in shades of your power game
we will not let you divide India in shades of your power game



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In 1947 we were divided into 2 -by jinnah
In 1952 we were divided into few -b.r ambedkar
In 2018 we are dividing into many - mayawati ; lalu ; and many more

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#FGIET #Nojoto #Poetry #Love

What is love if not one-sided?
How come it’s love if it’s divided?

It’s like singing without a voice
Or with a voice she can’t hear
It’s like playing Beethoven’s symphonies
On a fucking trash can

It’s like Van Gogh trying to paint
With a brush in his left ear
It’s like the clouds rising above
Covering up his starry night

It’s like Caesar gifting Brutus
With his profound life
It’s like stabbing himself in the abdomen
So that Brutus isn’t jailed

It’s like Whitman speaking to the captain
Who has fallen cold and dead
It’s like Keats trying to curse
All the things of beauty

And yet, here I am trying to justify
That love isn’t love if not one-sided
That love isn’t love if it’s divided

It’s like convincing Bin Laden
To bring peace to the world
It’s like asking bloody Kim
To stop the nuclear bombs

And yet, here I am trying to justify
So please don’t listen, it’s my heart speaking
I’m a mess, in total hell, my mind’s sleeping
It woke up for a minute
Found a paper and started weeping

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