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The simulation hypothesis or simulation theory proposes that all of reality, including the Earth and the universe, is in fact an artificial simulation, most likely a computer simulation.
It's actually a topic of research and not just a fictional subject.
To get an idea of the concept, you can watch the 1999 movie, "THE MATRIX".
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In the milky way,
Between million stars that stay,
We share the same cosmic space,
Wishing upon stars that fall without a trace.

Diving through the galactic tide,
Where constellations are held and tied,
We still reside under the same space,
Differing only in directions we chose to chase.

Space #Space #cosmos #constellations #directions

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Among the cacophonous
sounds of the city which
always trouble me. Which
never let me sleep, ringing
continuously in a never
ending vicious cycle. I
find your voice extremely
soothing. I remember that
night when we you asked
me about the limit of our
own universe.

You told me that just as
we are a part of this
universe. This universe
is also a part of us. I
realized how true that
was. I realized that I
don't have a limit just
as this universe doesn't.
You released me from
the cage I have kept
myself in for years.

Those late night
conversations where
we begin exchanging
byes just after fifteen
minutes of the call,
we sleep after the
morning wakes up.
Our conversations
has always been the
sweet escape to me
from the harsh reality
of this fake world.
Where the millennia
of cosmos we walked
together through our
phone call seems real.

You take me to a walk
through cosmos every
night on such phone
calls through a passage
which certainly begins
from my heart and
connects me a little
more to the myself. I
wish I could tell you
about the magic your
voice has which binds
me in a never ending
spell of your words. I
completely sunk in to
your thoughts as if
you are a part of me
but then you sing
your poem to me.

The poem which you
had written for the
butterfly you saw today
in the garden area of
your college. Comparing
yourself with it, telling
me your desire to fly
carelessly into the sky.
I realized that I fly into
your world of dreams
every night while talking
to you on the call,
hearing your poems.
The poems which
reminds me of how
much I am a part of you.

Sometimes while
thinking about the
innumerous possiblities
of turning up into a
universe which doesn't
support life. I realized
how lucky we are to
hit on the minute
probability of being in
universe which does.
But I wonder, I am
luckier to have you
as my soulmate in this
universe who has the
mysterious power to
make this lifeless life alive.

//It doesn't matter if there is limit to the universe. As long as I have you by my side, there is nothing I can not reach.//

"An ode to my lover" | Chapter 5
- A walk through cosmos | Mrinal Mandal

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