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I loved her from my soul


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Break up

Breakups aren't easy and will never be easy. Those who are going through it know how difficult it is & those who have gone through it knew how difficult it was. But those who have gone through it also know that Break up was not as difficult as they thought. When you are going through a break up you feel a lot of emotions especially the sad ones going in your mind. You get self doubts, lack of confidence, you not only question your ownself but also your relationships with others. Break up not only affect your mind, your heart, your life but also your other relationships. I know how it feels , how much it hurts when you love someone with your whole heart & they leave you. It isn't easy to accept the fact that one of the most important person of your life has left you. But you should remember that he/she is only "one of the" most important person of your life & not the "only" important person of your life. You are not just linked to one person, you have another people in your life too & you have responsibilities towards them also. You just can't isolate yourself from everyone just because of one person. That's completely wrong. I understand that at the time of break up you are emotionally too weak to handle things but that's the correct time to know yourself, your true worth, your true strength. You are allowed to cry, to share your feelings with your best friend but remember you are definitely not allowed to hurt yourself physically and emotionally. Don't be your own enemy. & If you do something like this you will regret for sure. We learn from mistakes it's true but some mistakes aren't meant to be attempted. Remember movies & series only shows those things which can't happen in real life. Actual life is way far different from movies. Actors are just doing their job. Even they don't do movie things in their real lives. So keep movies away from your real life. Never exploit yourself under the influence of any thing. You need to control your emotions and not to be controlled by them. & Never ever ask for sympathy. Sympathy only weakens you. At that time you don't need sympathy but empathy. You need to empathize. Empathize your family and friends' side. How were they feeling when you distanced yourself from them just because of one person. They don't deserve that.
They also loved you & still loving you whole heartedly & you aren't supposed to treat them like this. I know you are hurt but that doesn't give you the right to hurt others. Yes you are suffering but you aren't meant to let others suffer too. People come & go, that's the reality of life. But life doesn't stop for anyone. Time is a healer and it will heal you too. You aren't weak, you can do anything if you make up your mind. Maybe not now, but within few days or months you will be more stronger than today. You just need some patience. Remember break ups aren't END they're just an interval/ a break from a person, from a relationship. It's the time to give some attention to yourself, to your family & to your friends. It's the time to compensate all the attention that you gave just to one person.You are able to overcome from this phase only when you are ready to give your 100%. When you are 100% determined to let yourself free from this suffering. & Remember there is a huge difference between waiting & suffering. You are allowed to wait but not to suffer. You need self care, not to be selfish. I am not asking you to get up & to be instantly happy, things take time but at least you can try to be happy. I am not saying to force yourself for anything but just don't let any emotion control you. Take baby steps to keep yourself happy & to make yourself stronger. We easily get life but aren't allowed to easily give up on it. Because it's not only your life, many people are attached to you & somehow their life also get affected when you are affected. Don't be like that one person who left you & because of whom you are suffering right now.
Never do with your loved ones what your ex did with you. Don't be a heartless & self destructive person. Break ups are just an end of a relationship but a beginning of a new You, a stronger you, a better you, a more mature you. It doesn't mean that you have to be serious,be the real you but just be mature enough to handle things more wisely, more smartly. & Then finally you will learn how to value yourself. & Once you learnt this you will automatically find your true partner who will value the real you. Who will stand by you no matter how difficult it is to be with you. You are more stronger than you think. Just don't let yourself suffer. You don't deserve that. Getting hurt or being loved both depends on you. Don't punish yourself & your loved ones for someone else's deeds. Stay strong.

{ Kindly ignore grammatical errors 🙏}

I don't know whether it will help you or not but I tried my best to help you all who are going through break up right now...😇

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One sided Love She felt for someone who was never meant to be hers
She died for someone who never even cared for her
She cried for someone whom she even never had
She missed someone who never even felt 
She loved someone who never even loved her back
It is just a dream that kills you inside, but never really happens
It is just an expextation from someone who dont even bother  Yeah! One sided love is dangerous

-Sayanika Das

#onesidedlove Just a try I know it's bad but still I tried - Sayanika Das

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To love is nothing. To be loved is something. To love and be loved is everything.

Love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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There is no place I rather be than in your arms
I feel safe and protected there
You calm my every storm
You make all my doubt's disappear  

No one has ever loved me like this
No one ever cared
Around them I never exist
So when I fell in love with you I was scared

I was told no one will love me
And all my life it seemed true
But you washed my eyes and made me see
That I can be loved by you

Now every time I pray I thank God for giving me you
And I thank you for loving me and showing me something new


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