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'Poetry' is nothing but a part of Life.Poetry speaks 'of life' & 'for life'.
Poetry,in any form,in any language is not alienated from life.

Poetry provides a Vigour,an essence of looking at life,from a different perspective.

We,should not,strive to alienate or isolate Poetry from life.

Life is 'bout Vision & Poetry sets the vision,with an open-ended approach & colours up our everyday living with abundant joy.

Poetry is the psalm of life,radiating happiness,for a better living.

Psalm of Life# Poetry

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विजेता बोलते है की मुझे कुछ करना चाहिए, हारने वाले 
बोलते है की कुछ 
होना चाहिए !!

 --  Ankitmotivation06

विजेता बोलते है की......
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If your vision is working well then believing in self is far easier than drinking water.

How can one not recognize the other half of himself?
I can't believe! I move my every step with the help of the right people. How many times have I benefited from them, I forgot to count, as I lost in them often. In my life I have faced many serious problems, still I'm living without a wound. Their aim, of throwing arrow didn't make any impact on me. If God will save you, no one can do anything wrong for you, they may try again and again, but it remains failed even after several tries. 😎

People often used to say how it's possible to understand a person is good or bad, I hope they use their eyes, 👀 but never vision to realize the positive vibrant colors in charges within them. Feel the vibration of life as well as good and bad. Feel through the vibration of your

I didn't study much from others, I practice meditation.
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First Ever Storytelling 💕
Part -: 2
#nevergiveup✌ #glorifyownself💫
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