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पता नहीं कहाँ चले जा रहे हैं ! अकेले इस खुले आसमान के नीचे,
मंज़िल का मेरी मुझे पता तक नहीं है,
रास्तों से मैं पूरी तरह वाकिफ भी नहीं हूँ,
खुद को पाने की तलाश में दूर कहीं,
इस दुनिया से जुदा हुए जा रहे हैं,
पता नहीं फिर भी कहाँ चले जा रहे हैं


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I am that potted plant you often forget to water Because you have to 
rush to work; So when It rains, don't be surprised if I lean out of your window !!🌸

aashi🌸 Unnoticed One🌸

You walk out with your suitcase at 9 am in the morning. (That bag might as well be empty, you have left so much of your baggage behind). At 11 am, I wake up.
You have left behind the box of cereal you like.
Yes, it is all you.
I don't eat that cereal.
At 11:30 am, I notice that the bathroom still smells like you.

At 12 pm, I call my mother.
I call her to my city.
At 12:30 pm, I realize how empty a city can be even if it is just one person who has left.
At 1 pm, I look at the magazine you left on the sofa, upturned, unread.
At 1:15 pm, I pick up the receiver, almost call you and tell you that I am hurting pretty bad, that I can't find my way through my own apartment.

At 1:16 pm, I put the receiver down.
At 3 pm, I find the pen you left behind, between my sofa covers.
I decide to put a label on that pen, LONELINESS.

I use it to write my poems now.
Don't ask me what I did from 1:16 pm to 3 pm,

let's just say I took a good look at the things you left behind.
The magazine, the smell, the cereal, the pen.
I looked at them until I couldn't look at them anymore.
And decided that if poems are all I have, I am going to hold them tight.
Tighter than I ever held you..!
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Slept at 3.30 A.M
Books spread all over the bed
Woke up at 6.30 A.M
Who once had habbit of sleeping more than 13 hours a day
Now she's giving her most of the time to those books
Just board exam's fear and the strong desire for those big dreams...!!😉



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jab tum chaho lout aana mere pas
Me tumhe sirf tumhe 30 February tk hi roknuga

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Mom and Food the best combination ever in life...😂🤣
No matter whether you are a mom or you are a kid. All mom's thought are same and all kids too. Being a mom it becomes little easier to analyze that...😁😁😁. She can fight with many if she feels her kids has not been fed properly in her absence, although she knows the pain of making her baby eat. That's not a matter, it may take her an hour and others two hours but her justification is her kid should not feel hungry or thrusty and by the way everything must be germs free, because she knows the pain of staying awake for nights when her kid falls ill. And every time she feels her kid has not eaten well... nobody asks her but her next task is to cook something healthy, tasty and make her eat, tummy full... until she feels ok my baby is done...😂😂😂. This habit never changes whether baby is of 3 yrs old or becomes 30... !!! Whatever may be your age... food that is tasty difficult to avoid. 30... Now wait that's the age mostly people go for diet. But can you really do that, specially when Mom cooks something yummy. Biggest challenge to say Mom made food Noooooo and more than that is to say Mom no. And now as you know as a Mom... how much effort it takes, it's more difficult... 😂😂😂 So the solution is every time mom enter kitchen go in... and keep an eye what is about to be done...😂😂😂. Declare before the game starts, you are the poorest of all and you have lost it and you don't want to see her putting so much of efforts to do something special...😄😄😄
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