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Tufan te main khushbu
Tu jannat main taara
Kiddan lagnae samandar
Je na hoye kinaara 

Tu khud nu layi sambhal
Zakham mere allah dhoyega

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Pihu was surfing Youtube and Her Finger Stopped on a Song of Ammy Virk,
And She clicked on the Video

And When the Song Came,

Je main nai tere kol
Te phir kaun hoyega,
Rooh meri tadpegi jaani
Di vi royega

And tears came out of Her Eyes


Pihu - Don't go,i can't live without you
Sameer - You can
Pihu - I will Die without you
But Sameer left Her


Mera vi jee nai lagna
Do din vich mar jaaun sajjna,
Main paagal jana
Main vi te kho jana

And Her Tears and the Song both are Increasing at the Same Speed


Sameer - Baby I missed you so much
come soon na,My mind is getting disturb can't concentrate when you not their !!
Pihu - Same Here but i can't do anything,Studies are too Important !!


Jis mila na tainu
Kuchh khaas nai lagdi

Mainu bhukh nai lagdi
Maini pyas nai lagdi 


Pihu Opened Her Whats App
And She got 10Messages From Sameer
Sameer - Hey Baby ?
Where are you ?
Did You ate ?
Are you alright ?
Are you angry on me ?
What happened why you are not Online ?
What happened No Message ?
Baby ?
Baee ?
Where are you ?

Pihu sawed Messages and Replied Him

Sameer - Are You Mad ? Where are you ?
Pihu - Chill baby,i was out with family so was unable to come online !!
Sameer - Its okay baby so now i can Peacefully Eat
Pihu - You didn't Ate ? what's the time ?
Sameer - How would i Eat,when you didn't Ate ?


Na koyi teriyan baanh de vich
Sir rakh soyega


Sameer - Exam Went good,but Still Hope i will Pass,if not ?
Pihu - Everything will be Good !! You have done your Best na
Sameer - Yes but You know na Cutt off
Pihu gave him a Gif of massaging Head(Couple video)


Mainu aadat pai gayi teri
Jaani ve iss tarah,
Machhli nu paani di lod ae jis tarah
Machhli nu paani di lod ae jis tarah


Pihu waited for his Message,but He was Busy with His Friends,
She waited waited waited for His Good Night Message,she don't know when she slept !!

And the Next Day Sameer saw the Message

Sameer - Baby sorry It was Rahul Birthday Party and it was Battery Low so..
Pihu - You know na I don't Sleep without Your GoodNight Message,I can't Live without You,I am Habituated to you And She Cried
Sameer - Sorry Baby i won't Repeat Again


Tu khud nu layi sambhal
Zakham mere allah dhoyega


Pihu begged him to stay in Her Life,
Pihu did Everything to make him Happy,but How can you Keep someone Happy when they don't have Interest in you ? when they don't want happiness from you ? when their Happiness is not You ?


Pihu Closed the tab of Youtube,
As if the Song was made of Her Own Story !!

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Incomplete sentence / Shoaib Ibn Shaheen

 The unemployed lives do not stay, let's get screwed.
 Recognizing the truth, I am stuck in the nostrils of troubles.
 The last dream will be the barrier?  The eyes do not cry.
 Now only the soul and the desire of the heart are in the mouth.

 What has happened to all!  Did not come to mind ...
 Hell has been life itself!  Why is destruction almost all mine, what sin?

 Nah!  Pain!  How did the existence become dull?
 If I find someone to give me back my last dream;  Why are feelings of consciousness extinct, what happened ...?

 Yes!  I am going to show you all the meaningless misery;
 Blow it!  But listen: Give them the color, the color!
 Life has only given happiness outside
 Intense pain in the heart .... will you understand that face?

 Life is mine  Like a broken mirror
 Yet, I did not break the last dream and the selfishness would have come.
 How shame ... She knows my inability?
 Sigh!  Just think of the sigh: - Stay!  Let's get the sentence from unfinished!

© All Rights Reserved Shoeb Abir ২০18


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What Would Have Happened If We'd Never Meet,
We Don't Know Each Other.....
When, We Suddenly Meet Anywhere,
I Call You Sister,
& You Call Me Brother....😂😂

What Would Have Happened If We'd Never Meet,
We Don't Know For Each Other.....

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❝ Thirst of Love never ends ❞💕...

If your love one passed away,
Don't see this as - "why this happened"!!
See this as - "it happened"!
I experienced what love is.....
What's better than this?
It happens with everyone
You have to separate.....
So more time is not important?!
Important is that was it a quality time?
There are crore's of married people, they stay together but not happily.
Till the time you were together - you were happy!!
What's better than this?! 😋 💕❤️..

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Last Time We Met,
I Had Some Regret....
It Happened Because,
I Still Remember Everything
But, Quickly Everything You Forget.....

Last Time We Met,
I Had Some Regret....

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