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एक बूंद को तड़पता,मैंने रेगिस्तान देखा है
दिलो में पल रहा,खौफनाक तूफान देखा है
रेत के टीलों पर बना,जर्जर मकान देखा हैं
तबाही का मंजर लिए,एक जहान देखा हैं
ज़र्रे पर छप चुका,दर्दनाक निशान देखा है
घूट रहा सर उठाए, बेख़ौफ़ इंसान देखा हैं

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I'm an introvert. A person who respects and understand silence, unsaid tales, emotions, feelings and thoughts beyond understanding. May be because introverts over-think. Therefore they feel too much. More than they should. It sucks .
I dont talk too much. I do not like people easily. It takes months and months or even a year. I am different with every person of my mini social circle. But i am not two faced. Intensions are always good. The thing is i cant express myself with anyone that easy. And people often misunderstood me. They think of me weird,rude,complicated etc.
Yes i behave awkward imfront of people with whom m not comfortable. But i'm not like that they assume.
But once i begin to like someone, i get too much attached with that person. Thats why i often get hurt..
I believe that a person should think and act practically but my emotions. They always proved hurdle for me.
I pretend to be strong enough to live alone. But in actuall i am not. Such a emotional. Being an introvert has become part of my soul. fool. I really wanna become BOLD. But
how? If anyone here like me..


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Hey, I'm okay.


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suno jaana ye jo tum ho na
 bs whi mujhme kahi baaki
wo jo mai thi n
kahi mr chuki hu mujhme...

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#Emotions #lifequotes #Reality

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