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Best stone Shayari, Status, Quotes, Stories & Poem. Also read about miss you the rolling stone, inspirational quotes w clement stone, quotes w clement stone, good luck stone 5e, stone of good luck 5e cost, the good luck stone.

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Hurting someone can be as easy as throwing a stone to a sea.... but did u knw how deep that stone goes inside.....???


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*Why does the company we keep, play an important role in our life? Bhagawan explains with a few memorable examples.*

The company one keeps determines one's character; a person tries to join the group where one can freely express one’s innate nature. Man, by nature, is prone to cater to the desires that arise within or the urges that are prompted from without. Very often these are deleterious. So people ruin themselves by giving them the chance to overpower their personality. Consider the influence that good association can exert. A length of string is a worthless piece - none adores it or consider it useful. But when it associates itself with a few fragrant flowers, then women decorate their hair with those flowers and devotees place the garland on idols they adore. A block of stone in a public square is neglected and abused. But when the stone receives the company of a sculptor, it is transformed into a charming statue of God and installed in a temple to receive the homage of thousands. So satsang (holy company) is very important to grow morally and spiritually.

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Its the power of Divinity💜

When it rains, it rains equally on stone and on sand. The rain does not discriminate between stone and sand. But water washes away from stone, and seeps into and enriches the sand. Similarly, grace and blessings are showered on everyone. Where people are like stone, it washes away, where people are like sand, the blessings manifest. Blessings are given unconditionally  Believe..&Recieve the Blessings of Divine😊


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You are not a dead fish,
You can still swim.
instead of just making a wish,
Work for your dream.

Oh a stone kicked you,
In your way.
Our revenge will be due,
To the stone, you need to say.

Your destination is so far,
But you are strong.
You will win the war,
The day someone will say you are wrong.

You will meet your enemies and well wisher,
Just do your work and be a karma believer.

Do right for others with honesty😘😘and let karma payback 😇

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Na koso pattharo ko Janab logo ke
Dil bhi inse jyada kathor hote hai

The people's heart is notoriously harder than the stones. #stone #Pyar #Shayari #Poetry #lifequotes #mandsaur #Nusratfatehalikhan #nfak #rekhta #rekhtafoundation #sufipoetry #Attitude #Nusratfatehalikhan #Pyar #lifequotes #Quotes #jazbaat #adana #sher #UNITY #India #nfak_lines #jashnerekhta #sufism

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