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हर सुबह की तरह आज भी संवरती थी शीशे के आगे गुनगुनाती सी कि "मैं उसकी मोहब्बत रहूंगी कयामत तक"

आज वो चुप ना रह सके और फुसफुसा बैठे
जानता कौन है ये सब मुझ बिस्तर और इन चार दीवारों से अलग...!!! #NojotoQuote

बिस्तर की मोहब्बत

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My eyes open. Adajio begins; I hear it clearly.

I’m sunk into this old mattress, it struggles to lift me. I see myself from the ceiling above, one arm behind my head and one runs over my legs until my chest. I’m not dead but I’m alive either. I hear the rain outside. Another grey day.

I should poison my body with a cigarette, I should feel the exhilaration one more time and taste the toasted tobacco in my tongue one last time. But I won’t. I imagine myself exhaling the smoke.

I gaze around this landscape, this miniature world of mine. The bookshelf is dusty, why have I let this happen? The walls is fading and soiled. My world is decaying slowly around me as is my mind. The day greets me with thoughts of lost loves and broken friendships; it is the only thing that I can count on anymore.

I press my nose into my shoulder, I inhale myself, perhaps I can breathe my odour and regain whatever is missing from me, that which makes me feel as if I am fading into nothing, as if I die here now the world will continue without ever noticing that I’m gone forever.

The music is coming to an end. I feel the same way. It’s beautiful.

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Oh! my fading red,
Today, I saw you loose hope again,
The blood that flows through your Glen,
Narrated the stories, all you penned..
I see you broken,
What you feel is left unspoken,
You express your pain in a small token,
Oh! My fading red,
I know your interior wishes to be spoken.
The world calls you erroneous,
They say that your nature is a bit felonious,
Oh! My fading red,
Your voice is sweet and harmonious,
I know you're tired,
I know you wish to be admired,
Oh! My fading red,
This is not what you desired.
You were a mighty king in the past,
With an empire, just so vast,
Oh! My fading red,
Felicity doesn't forever everlast.
You've been back stabbed,
You're crying I know,
Oh! My fading red,
I don't like your cheeks dry and woe.
Hold my hand,
We shall walk together,
Oh!  My fading red,
I'll soak your tears in every weather,
You are my all,
Without you, I'm not even a thrall,
Oh! My fading red,
I won't ever let you fall.
It's the right call now,
Oh! My fading red,
I'll forever love you
I take a vow..

- your forlorn lover,

Oh! my fading red,
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fading in your missing voice.
Fading in your missing voice, my love

All those voices from you
I wish I could make it more louder
So that I could hear every night with each and every breathe
You became a paranoia, As I search for your voice
As it will make me happy
Atleast it could give me a reason to live,
Atleast it would make me feel,
Yes I'm living
I'm sorry that I never kept your promise
The promise which I made to you
That I'll hear your voice
But baby life's uncertain, as I forget
As with this essence of breeze
You just flew away.

Yeah,I repeat
Those voices from you
I wish I could it more louder
But, unfortunately I'm not a lord
I can't make it happen ,
Damn I'm just a puppet, which lord sent me
I can't make you alive,
I just can wish that you open your eye
And I kiss you
But the question is
Will it every happen ?
I'm sorry, I let you down
As with the essence of breeze
You left me with a single soul.

Your body engrave in basket
I'm seeing you. With barely able to move
I am remembering the movement
When you told me to save your voice
But I didn't listened
Now ,I'm eager for that voice
As I wanna hear
I'm eager for your presence
Baby, I want to open your eye
But I guess you're sleeping
Damn baby wake up, I'm back
Are you listening ?
People are seeing me
Damn, Baby pls open your eye.
As with the essence of breeze
You flew away.

All of your voice is running on my mind
"I am forever in you" you said,
But you left without uttering
As you were afraid I'll come with ya,this isn't fair
By living, I'm dead only ?
So it was better that I would had live with you in heaven
With all the flawless angles by our side
But it didn't came true,
you left living me alone, as a dead soul
As with the essence of breeze
I'm shivering without you.

What I would do without you ?
I'm sorry, I couldn't be a person
That you wanted.
With all my tears, I'm fading in your ashes
Those ashes going straight up to the heaven
As I'm seeing with my eye
I wish I could have come with you
As both of our ashes would have reside
But you left me alone,
I'm sorry
So sorry
As I couldn't able to come with you
With the essence of breeze
I promise I'll join you soon
Beacuse I'm nothing without you.

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