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She couldn't say "No"
They forced her to be 'the good wife'

Marriage is between two individuals.
It's a union of two conscious minds,
And once again, proudly beating up the heart, we can say hurrah! Supreme is indeed supreme. Whether it's section 377 or section 497.
'The Good Wife' who has no reason to complain even if her husband has a relationship outside marriage.
Why it's always women who are being subjected to such brutality in the name of equality.

Adultery may not be the cause of an unhappy marriage, but a result after all. It would be tantamount to punishing people who lived in an unhappy marriage.

"Attaching criminality to adultery is going too far... "
Such laws are only mediums to confine women, treating them as an object. Why differentiation living under the Same roof.
The country which proudly declares itself a free nation,
The country which worship goddesses treats it's own as merely objects and subjects of disgust.
A woman's dignity has been smashed under this section 497 since 150 years in the name of protecting them. Is this the equality that we had fought for?

A woman has sexual autonomy within marriage. Marriage does not mean ceding  autonomy of one to the other. Ability to make sexual choices is essential to human liberty. Even within private zones, an individual should be allowed her choice.

It's time to wake up!!

#section497 #OkBye

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She's no more characterless if she loves someone other than her husband

She's no more slut if she sleeps with someone other than her husband

She's no more culprit if she opt for her freedom

She's no more his property even after marriage

It's just the court's decision, lets wait for society



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