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Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet)

Sometimes breaking apart from an old yourself
Is the best way of assimilating to a new trueself

©Ayush Singh (Speeding._Bullet) #oldyou #newyou #beyou #trueself #yourself

Swapnil Moon

To return to yourself, 
people think about 
'Time Machine' but, 
there's no need of that 
you can be what you were before 
just try to catch old of yourself. #returntoself #yqbaba #yqquotes #fillintheblank #thinkaboutyou #oldyou #timemachine #notneeded

Grishma Doshi

those little things you used to do or like some years ago. Sometimes randomly you come across those things, you find yourself trying to remember how you used to like or love them and feel happy with nostalgia. Sometimes those old memories make you feel older, sometimes it tells you how far you have come or how you have changed for good or bad.
However, those few moments of joyful memories make you forget all the chaos, stress or whatever you are going through or getting through. They make you believe you can always be that cheerful soul even if you have forgotten to be one right now. #collab #mightnotremember  #YourQuoteAndMine #yqbaba #rememberinglittlethings #oldyou #happyyou #lovinglifetothefullest
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