Can you write a story?

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"Can you write a story? This question was to me on Quora which is a social media app for asking questions and getting answers Read the answer below"

Can you write a story?

This question was to me on Quora which is a social media app for asking questions and getting answers

Read the answer below


Just moved to a big city and a new apartment. Excited for starting a new life in a new city. Other day I met this girl in elevator. I didn't know what exactly to say to her. It was rather dumb of me. Normally I wasn't so nerdy. Let's hope, second time would be little less embarassing.

In the elevator-

"Hi! I saw you yesterday. Do you live in this building? I just moved here"
"Okay... yeah..."
"Oh! I am sorry. You must be thinking creepy guy. Sorry to bother you. My bad"
"No, it's okay. It's just that I don't like to talk much in the morning. I am sorry if I seem rude"
"No. It's completely okay. Here's my floor. I will be going now"

In the garage-

"Damn! She completely ignored me. I was too enthusiastic. I am not bothering her again"

Next day in the elevator-

"Hi! Are you going to work?"
"Oh! Yes. I thought you said that you didn't like to talk much in the morning"

(Awkward silence)

"You must be thinking what a rude woman. Yes, I am a bit of moody. I am sorry for that"
"Nope, completely acceptable. Being a girl in a big city. You can't be too careful these days"
"Yes. Where do you work?"
"I work in a construction company. I am the chief operating officer"
"Oh! Okay. This is my floor. We'll talk later"
"Thanks. What's your name by the way?"
"Alex. What's yours?"
"Raymond Silva"

Next day was Sunday-

I was complaining to building manager about lack of hot water and he was saying something about plumbing problems. Suddenly, Alex came there with her laundry...

"Hi! Ray. Are you busy today? Otherwise let's meet somewhere and get to know each other"
"No. Wait! Are you asking me to a date?"
"We don't have to give any label. Just two people getting to know each other"
"Oh... okay.... I thought that was called date"
"No. That is something very specific. We are not that"
"Got it. So where do we meet? In your apartment or mine?"
"Let's go to mine"

One month later in the morning-

We went to four dates. We knew quite a bit of about ourselves by then. She worked in a spa. She already gave me massage to my back (I had a really sore back from work stress), she didn't even charge me for anything inspite of my insistence. I would call that progress. Infact things were going really well. We would meet that night in my room.

That night-

Ring ring ring ring ring ring

"Weird. She isn't opening up. I thought she wasn't going anywhere. Okay, I will come back later"

Next day in the evening-

It was same. I started to feel something wasn't right. I called the cop. They opened the door. She wasn't anywhere. Infact it almost looked like she was vanished from inside. Cop said that she could be gone from the fire escape. They interrogated me and the whole building. It was mess. I couldn't go to work. Cop said that she didn't have any living relatives anymore. Few years ago her mother died in heart failure. After that she moved to this building. They told me to wait for few more days to see if she would come back and they were looking into her disappearance.

Cop could not find anywhere her.

One year later-

I worked for a different company now. I had to travel a lot. I lived in a different city as well. After that incident and after getting a new job, I decided to move to a new city.

One day I was coming back from work. It was in a small town. I suddenly saw Alex was walking with few girls of her age. They were smiling and behaving as if nothing as happened. I asked my uber driver to stop the car. Driver could not stop it immediately because it was a busy street. By the time he stopped the car, I couldn't find them anywhere. I ran towards the area where I saw them and searched for them for a while but couldn't find them. I came back to my home and opened Alex's Facebook account. I saw her late mother's picture. She was beautiful as well just like her daughter. Melissa Bolt was her name. I couldn't find much about her mother and Alex there. It seemed Alex didn't have that many friends except few girls who lived in that neighborhood. I saw them after Alex's disappearance. I came to police department and talked to the cops. They didn't exactly give that much importance beyond their usual response. I realised that they were already busy with a lot of cases and finding her wasn't their first priority. I asked the cop to give me some background information about Alex. He reluctantly gave me a copy and asked me not to do anything stupid. I smiled and went away. I came to our old apartment area and talk to those neighbouring girls and talked to her spa colleagues. Nothing much I found except that she was a very normal girl and she was quiet but funny. She didn't know her father and neither did her mother knew about Alex's father. Apparently, Melissa slept with a lot of men before conceiving Alex. I went to that smalltown again. I went to the area where I saw Alex. I saw a diner nearby. I went inside and started to show her picture there and hoping to find something. No such luck. When I was getting out of there one old lady said to me, "I think I saw someone like that in Jefferson house. I think it was their daughter. They are this big family and everyone knows them"

"Thanks ma'am. What is their address?"

She gave me their address.

I went to Jefferson house. It was a huge mansion. Before I entered the building, I felt something wasn't right somewhere. So I didn't go there looking for her. I waited for the night. When everything was dark, I was watching their house from my car. Suddenly, I saw Alex with another man, came out from a car. They kissed and Alex looked really happy. They entered the house. I felt like a stalker.

I asked myself, "Why am I so concerned with her? I hardly knew her. I didn't exactly love her either. Is it just curiousity?"

Five minutes later I saw one gentleman came out of building with that man. I came closer to them to hear their conversation.

"Peter, you saw my wife and how she was with Sarah. But I don't know why I don't have a good feeling about this"
"Sir, don't worry about that. I understand your cynicism. After all, she was missing for eight years. The asshole that kidnapped her left her in the dark. So she would be little out of place. I am waiting for police to catch that piece of shit"
"You are probably right"

I realised that Sarah probably Alex or was she pretending to be Mr Jefferson's kidnapped daughter?!!?
I thought to myself, "I don't need to get into this mess. This whole thing stinks of bad. I barely knew Alex. Let's move on"

One month later-

I had a promotion. A whole team was working under me. Erica, a Jewish girl who was incharge of finance, used to smile at me whenever we looked at each other. At first I thought she was being nice. But one day she asked me to a date, it was going well. But somewhere it was never on same level with Alex. Maybe I was too hung up with her. One day, Erica and I did share one wonderful night together. But I was little apprehensive about committing into anything serious. Erica understood that and didn't push me into anything.

Everything was going really well for me. I was bit of a workaholic. I had another promotion and I was meeting with the board members for the first time. I was shocked to find out that Mr Jefferson was one of the board members.

Anyway, I was asked to come to this corporate party. I took Erica with me.

There Alex or Sarah first time saw me and she was with her boyfriend Peter. I was sure now that she was Alex. Her face was red seeing me. She told Peter something. Peter looked at me with curiosity and put on a smile and came to us.

"Hi, I am Peter Lavelle. This is my fiance Sarah. She is the daughter of Mr Jefferson"

I didn't act as if I knew her.

"Oh! Wow! Lovely to meet you. I am Raymond Silva. This is Erica. We are coworkers"

Erica looked at me with disappointment.

Alex wasn't looking at me directly. I made sure that I didn't either. I was actually finding Mr Lavelle very charming and interesting. We talked and drank and laughed. Our common love for baseball did help. Erica tried to talk to Alex but she wasn't that interested. Only we three were talking. Alex was very quiet during the conversation.

Next day, Erica directly asked me whether I knew Sarah. I said that I didn't.

"Liar. She was only looking at you during the whole conversation"
"What can I say? Girls find me irresistible"
"Shut up. It's fine, it's not like we are serious or anything"
"Yes, exactly"
Erica smiled and left.

One month later-

I was in a shopping mall. I was going to the fourth floor by elevator. And Alex joined me with various shopping bag. It was uncomfortable as we were trying to avoid looking at each other.

Suddenly, electricity was down and elevator stopped working. Emergency gear wasn't working.
Alex was panicking.
"Don't need to panic. I am sure that they are going to fix it anytime"
"Yes, sure, you are probably right"

Half and hour was gone like that. It was uncomfortable silence.

I couldn't stop myself from asking, "Alex, how long are we going to pretend not to know each other?"
She was flabbergasted and said, "What do you mean? I only saw you in that party for the first time and I don't like to talk to people in the ........."
"Morning. I know. You are moody in the morning. I know. Look, Alex, you can keep playing your little game and I don't care. But please don't expect me to be fooled by your stupid act"
"Excuse me, how dare you..."

And electricity came back and elevator door opened and I went away from her.

My whole morning was wasted and I was angry.

In the evening when I was getting into my car in the parking lot suddenly someone bashed my head from behind and everything went dark.

When I woke up, I saw Alex was lying there with me, both of us are chained to the floor. A door opened and I saw Peter.

"Bitch, you couldn't leave your past behind, could you? We gave you so much money"
"I am sorry, Peter, I didn't know this would happen"
"Shut up bitch" in saying this he slapped her.
She was crying.
I didn't say anything.
Peter looked at me and said with smile, "Ah! Man, I like you. But you had to get involve with this loser. I am sorry I have to do this, nothing personal"
I said, "If you let me go, I can assure you that I am going to forget about this"
"Come on, Man, you know I can't do that"
I said, "Look, I don't have any interest in whatever it is going on here between two of you. I couldn't care less about her"
"Sorry, man, we would have been great friend in other circumstances but we have to do whatever we have to do"
I calmly said, "I am thirsty"
Peter pour me a glass of water.
I kicked in his leg and he fall flat infront of me, I tightened my chain around his neck and wait for him to be completely senseless.
I took the key from his pocket and released ourselves.
Alex said with panic, "Is he dead?"
I look at his vain and said, "Almost and he will be if he isn't hospital quickly"
I quickly realised that we were in the basement of Peter's house.

I later heard from cop that Alex was indeed the daughter of Mr Jefferson. Alex's mon had an affair with Mr Jefferson when he was married which is why Alex looked so similar to Sarah. Sarah's mother was mentally ill so she couldn't recognise her. Mr Jefferson had doubt but not enough to confront Alex. Peter was hired by Mr Jefferson's brother for this whole thing. Peter used to do some shady work for Mr Jefferson's brother who didn't get any of his father's wealth because of the involvement with Mafia. Peter first abducted Sarah but things didn't go according to the plan and Sarah accidentally got killed. Hence, Peter hired Alex with a lot of money when he saw her first time in a spa. Peter was planning to backstab Mr Jefferson's brother as well.

Mr Jefferson after hearing about everything from cop decided to pardon Alex. He didn't want to lose another daughter.

Few days after that-

"Hello, Raymond"
"Oh! Mr Jefferson, please come"
"Please, don't bother yourself. You are a busy man. I am not going to keep you for very long. I came here to thank you personally. Everything you did for us...."
"Please, don't mention it. Any guy would have done so .."
"No, they probably wouldn't. Anyway, Alex couldn't come to you by herself specially after everything. Please listen to her"
"Sure, let her come"
Mr Jefferson left my office and Alex entered with a crying face.
"I am very sorry, Raymond"
"No need to apologise, Alex, I understand everything"
"I know what I did was grave crime and I am really lucky that I am not inside any prison. I have hurt you and you have every right to be angry with me..."
"Let me stop you there, Alex, I understood something now that we were never really in love with each other. I had a lot of fantasy with you in my head. You know big city and all. I was feeling very vulnerable. Suddenly, I saw you and I felt that you were the one. It was completely one dimensional stupidity from my side. You were never really that into me. So you are forgiven"
"No, I do love you and I was wrong....."
Suddenly, Erica entered the room.
And I said, "Let me reintroduce you, this is Erica and we are engaged. But I don't think that it would be right for us to send you any invitation to our wedding. So you can go now, Alex"
Alex left the room crying.
Erica said, "Are you sure that we aren't rushing into anything?"
"No. I was an idiot before. Infact I should been in this position earlier. I am really lucky that you stuck with me. Thank God that I have grown up now"


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