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Online LIVE Shows

What are LIVE Shows on Nojoto?

  • LIVE Shows are online events through which upto 1 Million viewers can get entertained & educated by Top Artists
  • Through LIVE Shows can engage up to 1 Mn+ viewers at the same time.
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LIVE SHOWS on Nojoto

What type of Live Shows can be created on Nojoto?

  • An entertaining performance: Poetry, Comedy, RAP, Storytelling, Act or any other performing art.
  • A talk about your life experience or socio-cultural dynamics of the world.
  • A workshop through which you can teach people.
  • An interview of someone from the community or a Celebrity.

LIVE Show Guidelines:

  • Expertise: We believe storytelling requires knowledge, talent & unique perspective on the topic. Prepare in-depth for your shows.
  • Quality: Create Original, New & Unique LIVE Shows.
  • Participation: Build participation in your shows, and not just for just viewing.
    • Follow on Project that people can share with a specific #Hashtag on Nojoto.
    • Performances that include interaction with the audience.
    • Questions, Games, Interesting conversations.
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Who can create LIVE Shows?

  • Creators who are part of Nojoto’s partner program can only create LIVE Shows.
  • Nojoto’s Creator Team Support Team can also create on behalf of the Creator, for additional support.

Where will my LIVE Shows be visible?

On Nojoto, your live shows will be visible on:

  • Your profile
  • To your followers.
  • On explore page, basis data/time, category, and your previous performance.

Outside Nojoto:

  • Your LIVE shows can also be visible on other digital platforms as marketed by Nojoto’s Marketing Team.

How to increase Reach for my LIVE Shows:

Once you create a LIVE Show, it will automatically reach all your followers.

  • It will also reach other people who are likely to be interested in it on the platform.
  • You too can increase reach about your LIVE Shows
    • Outside Nojoto - to your network on other social media platforms.
    • On Nojoto - through promoting your show.
  • Recording Videos on Nojoto about your shows will definitely help you to increase your reach.

Who can purchase & Join my LIVE Shows?

  • Anyone who is above 18 years of age can join your LIVE Shows
  • All Nojoto Gold Members can join your LIVE shows.

When & How will I get my Payment?

  • First, complete your KYC to receive payments on Nojoto.
  • Payment will be credited to your bank account on a monthly basis. Example, your earnings from 1st June to 30th June – will be credited at once.
  • You will get a detailed summary of the payment credited to you on email, so that you can tally how much you earned for which show.
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