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Nojoto app has been a great platform for me to express creativity, connect with like-minded individuals, and earn over 62K+. The supportive community has boosted my confidence and provided valuable feedback.

praveen storyteller
PraveenFollowers: 1.4 Lac

I have been a Nojoto member since its initial years and I have had a wonderful experience growing together with the platform. I believe that earning money via talent is possible because of Nojoto and I am excited to grow together to greater heights.

NaliniFollowers: 84.3 Thousand

I have been using Nojoto for three years and I enjoy sharing my talent with like minded people here.Recently, I also won a smartphone in a competition here.I believe that Nojoto is a great platform to earn through skills.

Asif HindustaniFollowers: 1.6 Lac

I learned about Nojoto after seeing an ad about earning money through live shows and live calls. I tried both and with help of talent managers, became successful .Now I am earning almost Rs.5000 monthly at the age of 19.

MuskanFollowers: 16.8 Thousand

I develop my skills and expand my reach, to earn almost ₹5000 monthly on Nojoto. It is an awesome platform where I love to share my creative work and connect with fellow artists.

Dhanraj Gamare
Dhanraj GamareFollowers: 1.5 Lac

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Nojoto: India's Largest Storytelling Platform

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