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Today came back after 3 months to my country. Went on 3 months visa.. To find job. #failed. But... Never Give Up #nojotophoto

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3 months ago

I was quite I was understanding
u took me for granted
my feelings my love was ur responsibility
but sorry to say 
u failed darling
u failed !!


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*I was going🏃🏻‍♂ to try love❤ but I failed bCoz I never❌ left study📖 for love❤ and i failed😕 in love but success in study📒🏆🥇*

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3 months ago

#OkBye says- I'm not changed[READ full caption]

You are saying. I have changed. but have you ever tried to know the reason? no you never did and you will never. and even if you ever try to won't get it because I am still the same person the person I really am and wanted to be and it's you who failed to understand it.
You are saying that I left you, but were you able to know how lonely I felt even being with you? because you were lost in someone else's world leaving me alone in the mine and now that I have found solidarity as my confident, you say I left you and moved on.
But dear I have felt the same year before when you did this to me too pave a journey along your someone special. have I ever blamed you? No cause dear I  understood the reasons, cause I knew that you really do love him but my mind failed to consume the thought that this very love would suicide our friendship..
Honestly speaking I had a fear of losing you and seeing this fear arising like reality I tried my best to surmount it but I failed.

YOU choose him every time, every time when I wanted to be your priority, every time I expected to be dearer but still you never were able to know my thoughts just a fake smile was all to be fool you.
I know where my fault lies.. that I failed to express myself and now that I have started it, you say I have changed and moved on leaving you all alone but did you ever tried to know the story from my part? no cause all you ever did is to fail to understand me and I feel to make you know it.

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4 months ago

A country were the police behaves like robbers, thieves & cold blooded murderers, is surely a failed state without any doubt.

#Country #Police #behaves #robbers #thieves #murderers #failed #state

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