Awards for Nojoto Stars

Let’s celebrate the power of Storytelling!

Nojoto Awards are a way to celebrate the hard work of creators who pour their heart and soul, and we’re honored to celebrate their milestones.

Nojoto Star Awards

Bronze Star

Bronze Star

100K Views/Love
Silver Star

Silver Star

1 Mn Views/Love
Gold Star

Gold Star

10 Mn Views/Love

Benefits of getting Nojoto Awards



  • Awards will be visible on your Profile
  • Certificate of Appreciation through Email
  • Become face of Nojoto Campaigns


  • Create LIVE Shows on Nojoto
  • Get paid monthly through Nojoto Partner Program



  • Access to Nojoto Creator Team who will help you

How it works

Tell your Story to the World

  • Record, Upload or edit Videos with tools designed to make your story sound fantastic.

Internal Review

  • When you reach the milestone, Nojoto Creator Team reviews your profile if the content shared is original and copyright free.
  • Once approved, you will be notified via message, Email and/or SMS.

Badge & Trophy Allotment

  • You will see a small badge against your name in the profile.
  • And a lot of rewards and product features will be unlocked for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I crossed the required Views/Love on Nojoto, how would I get the Badges?
    You don't have to do anything. The Internal Team will automatically review it, and approve it.
  • How do I earn (Monetize through Nojoto)?
    Read Nojoto Partner Program
  • How do I get more Views/Love on Nojoto?
    Make longer engaging videos.
    Further, you can boost your Stories on Nojoto.
  • What does badges mean on Nojoto?
    The level of badge showcases the influence and impact creator has on Nojoto and the world.
  • Can my badge be removed?
    Yes, if found violating policies and terms of use of Nojoto.

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