Nojoto-Partner Program

Nojoto Partner Program

Earn From Your Talent

What is Nojoto Partner Program

Nojoto Partner Program is created to enable monthly income for millions of Storytellers.

Tell your Story through

  • Life Experiences
  • Motivational Talks
  • Knowledge Sessions
  • Poetry
  • Comedy
  • RAP

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

To be part of Nojoto Partner Program, you need to have:

  • 100K+ Views/Love of all your Stories
  • Have High Quality Original Content on your profile
  • Overall Nojoto Profile

Once you are eligible Nojoto’s Creator Team will review your profile & invite you to Nojoto’s Partner Program automatically.

Note: Just 100K+ Views/Love on your Nojoto profile doesn't guarentee your selection to Nojoto Partner Program

How to apply or Contact

How to apply or Contact:

  • You don’t have to apply anywhere, Nojoto’s Creator Team will automatically select, and invite you.
  • Best way is to reach 100K views on Nojoto to get noticed.
  • If you are already a renowned storyteller, who just started the journey on Nojoto, please email at with your details.
Nojoto Team reviews

What Nojoto Team Reviews:

  • Your Overall Nojoto Profile
  • Your Popular & Latest Content
  • Engagement on your Content (Love, Comment, Share, Repost)
  • Engagement on the Content
    • Love, Comment, Share, Repost
    • Average Watch Time on your Content
  • And if your content is as per Nojoto’s Content Policies

Benefits of being in Nojoto Partner Program:

  • Access to Nojoto Creator Team, They will help you with:
    • How to use Nojoto better
    • How to better monetize on Nojoto
    • How to resolve any other App or Tech problem
  • Monetization on Nojoto

Nojoto Partner Program


  • Based on your earnings, you will get paid each month.
  • Make sure to complete your KYC, so that the payment transfer can be made smoothly.

Have a question or feedback: write to us at

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