Stop Acid Attack let me introduce you to a very se

"Stop Acid Attack"

Stop Acid Attack

Stop Acid Attack

let me introduce you to a very serious issue that does still often affect women around the world.
It is very sad to imagine that today's world could still at times be so inhuman, but it is also often true…

We do at times close our eyes or pretend we cannot hear but this sight impediment cannot brush the truth under the carpets, however magnificent the weaving.
This issue has been ignored for too long because we all prefer to focus on the more joyful happenings in life like where to tailor the best dress and where to eat the most succulent food….
The online media has turned us into detached and somewhat careless beings that all aspire to become a reality star for a minute..

Let us not turn a blind eye and mention today the reality of Acid Attacks on women (over 80% of the cases) around the world.

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