Why I Dont Like to Date? My new resolution is to discontinue/pause...

Why I Dont Like to Date?

My new resolution is to discontinue/pause dating , (atleast for sometime), I decided to try something different, to live my life by my choices, which became easier when I stopped focusing on dating.

I made a list of the things that I want to and I should do, and be committed to them instead of this gas called Dating.

- I wanted to focus on my long pending Idea - Nojoto - and pursue its execution so that soon, it can help how I thought it could.

- I focused on professional Job life, which can help me with survival money and build liquid cash in the system.

- To take care of my parents, my Bhai and made sure that I visit them, be with them, talk to them, listen to them and be a good son & brother.

- To take care of my health and eating habits, so that the machine which helps me works and doesn't give me headaches.

- To connect back to people/friends who matter to me. Make sure, I spend enough time with them, listen to their problems, solve them. Because its important to have few good relationships thn have too many 'okay' friendships.

- To know, learn, discover more about people, culture, society, hierarchy, people motivation. Because after my love for physics, the only love I had was why people do what they do? Why things happens as they happen? What are motivators/primary drivers for people ? 

- How cultures, society change and evolve? Because that's a more difficult and interesting problem to crack after black hole, different 
galaxy , aliens :-), which again were my love sometime back.

- To pursue writing, reading, and sharing things that matter to me.

- To watch lots and lots of videso - TVF, AIB, TED, Success Stories, Failure Stories, web series, TV Series (House is my fav) etc.

So now, I no longer feel awkward about dining alone, even in a restaurant filled with couples. I don’t feel obligated to date in order to be part of society’s “mainstream.” I take walks through my city in solitude and I enjoy every second of it.

It’s not that I’m not interested in marriage and the prospects of having a family; I feel there’s a much bigger part of life I need to live and I’ve only been scratching the surface.

I’m also aware love may, someday, find me. Perhaps, Ms. Awesome and I will cross paths. I just have no intention to pursue dating, as I’m disenchanted with the whole process. I don’t feel bitter toward or resentful of couples; I’m very happy for them and I hope their relationships flourish to everlasting love.

For those who continue to seek love, I hope you find it and value it once you do. As for me, I feel liberated and enjoy the feeling and focus, it allows me to have. I’ve left dating in the past and I look forward to what is to come.

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