#nojoto, #letter Dear Shifu, Hey, it's me, Shifa

#Nojoto, #letter

Dear Shifu,

Hey, it's me, Shifali Gulati. The grown up you. The eighteen year-old you. Yes darling, you read that right. You're still alive after whole three years. And you're strong now. Don't believe me? That's why I'm writing this.

Hon, first of all, I want you to know that this isn't your end. You aren't supposed to give up too soon. Your suicide plans for your sixteenth birthday will only result in one of the best lessons of your life. I know you're on the edge now. There's no more space for any more bullshit from anyone and you're only filled with everything that everyone has to give to you. But this isn't the end. You're stronger than you know. You'll get through this. Yes. You. Will. I'm the living proof of this.

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