If you have worth No one can stop you Read in cap

"If you have worth No one can stop you Read in caption #NojotoQuote"

If you have worth
No one can stop you

Read in caption


If you have worth No one can stop you Read in caption #NojotoQuote

Chakravarti Samarat Ashoka
Ashoka the Great
Title are given to Ashoka

You may know that he wasn't chose for succesor of his father
as he was not eldest son and(
according to rituals at that time eldest son is successor of his father)
Bindusara fell ill and wanted Sushim(his eldest son )to take over the throne. During that time, Sushim wanted to end the life of Ashoka as he felt his presence as a threat to his supremacy. In a tussle between them Ashoka killed Sushim and also some of his other brothers who did not support him. Bindusara wanted Susima to succeed him but Ashoka was supported by his father's ministers. ... The coronation of Ashoka only happened in 269 BCE,
(here I am not promoting violence but despite of king bindusara what his son sushim to became his successor his minister supported ashoka
why ??
Because he was worth of being next chakravarti samrat

Same story with twist
Maharana Pratap
A great historic figure from rajasthan
Do you his was not appointed as successor of his father inspite being eldest son of his father

why this happen

Jagmal Singh was named as the successor by his father Maharana Udai Singh when the latter was on his deathbed as Jagmal was the son of his favourite queen, Rani Dheerbai Bhattiyani despite the fact that the Maharana’s eldest son Pratap was the rightful heir for the throne of Mewar. Not only was Pratap the rightful heir, he was also the most capable successor to the Maharana as well which was recognised by the nobles of Mewar.

As Jagmal was being coronated after his father's demise, the nobles gently pulled him aside and told him

Again here why noble and minister of mewar supported Pratap because he was worth of became next Rana of mewar

both are great figure of Indian history

We just have to make ourself capable opprtunity will definitely going to find us

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