The biggest challenge in life is to be yourself wh

"The biggest challenge in life is to be yourself when everyone else in the world is trying to make you like like them. Read full story in caption."

The biggest challenge in life is to be yourself when everyone else in the world is trying to make you like like them.

Read full story in caption.

The biggest challenge in life is to be yourself when everyone else in the world is trying to make you like like them. Read full story in caption.

It was the first day of my school when I took admission in a convent school. As I entered the class i was late, every one was on their seats I found many new faces. "This is the New student of our class", teacher introduced me to the class. I went to the last seat straight as I found it vacant, the class was so silent i could hear my footsteps. Every student was staring at me as i was moving towards my seat. Hey ! New boy, Will you please tell me, how to solve this maths problem?? The Teacher asked me. As i heard it i was clogged, Maths..! Sssshhh. I was a brilliant student in my last school but I am not too good in maths. I was getting up, to answer her, the feeling of uneasy & fear took over me. I did not want to lose my first impression on the Teacher and on that pretty girl which came my attention as i entered the room. I murmured "Mam i just came, i am new to this and I had not studied either". "Come in the front & Say it loudly",teacher shouted at me. (I remembered my friend's advice if you really want to be honored in your class ( #‎harbaatkaulta #‎jawabdiochayetujheansweratabhiho ) I implied the same principal here " I have just come, and i had not taken any lecture how could you expect me to know this?", hoping to see myself be taken gutsy and dauntless after this by the entire class. It was weird to the teacher for the very first time she got such a blunt response (later i came to know about it). Meanwhile my eyes were looking for the girl i fell for at first sight. Her kohl-black hair and it plunged over her shoulders, slender eyebrows,shiny & halo-white teeth , her pouting lips, accompanied by her charming, exquisite & beautiful smile was enough for me to fall in love with her . I admired her beauty in an instant and at the same time it was insulting for the teacher "Can you tell me, What is matrix ? The teacher asked me.."Don't you know its my first class i have not studied so why are you asking me" I answered. Before i completed, the teacher said "SShut Up you idiot...! this is what you are supposed to study in your 11th class & you have no etiquette how to talk to your teachers, Is this what you have learnt in your earlier school... Stupid..!"Tina you tell", "Any arrangement in the rows and columns is called Matrix "Tina replied.."Very Good Tina..!" Look she replied i had not started teaching this topic yet this is what she has learnt in her 11th class." the teacher replied. This is something i had not expected, i could give the answer better than Tina i thought for a while but this time i kept silent , i was looking at the floor and as i was moving towards my seat, i noticed students laughing & staring at me. This was insulting to me. I respect teachers and had not in the argument with them earlier but it was my first time when i talked to any teacher like this all because of TONY (my so called friend). Now i was happy i know the name of that beautiful girl.

Now the time for sports period. I have huge interest in sports and I kept waiting for the same in my last school. The tall, bald, big tummy man was our PT teacher. I was not particular to any game and excited to play any. Make a Queue he said in a authoritative voice. Every one stood in a Queue so do i." We will do March Past" the man said . Everybody starting doing it so do i but soon i lost my interest. I remembered an old school incident (a boy doing march-past and he had no interest in it so he was not doing it right, later he was expelled from the team and he took rest. ) I wanted to try like him. Yes...I too expelled...! Here that PT teacher approaches me . "Cant you do it?" PT teacher asked. "No Sir", i replied in a soft voice. "You need to learn it until you wont get expert in it . Next Saturday we have a sports meet and i want everyone and everything perfect in it whenever you get free period come and practice." Teacher added...But Sir.....I Knnnnoww...he went without listening to me.. Now i have to practice it till next Saturday....!, i took pity on me. What a disgrace....Aah i was not doing it right because i was not interested... But.....Shiiittt..!

It's not the end and I had been wrong so while. Impression! My Foot , I whispered...

Its not the end, I asked Priya for her maths notebook , she was Tina's friend . She ignored and acted like she has not heard anything , "Are you deaf, I am not like other boys who can bear your bull shit attitude" I yelled at her just to be noticed by Tina and to have some conversation with her later on. But again this time it was something i had not expected. "I have never seen a boy like you who have no respect for girls "Priya answered me. I noticed she had a tough look at me, consuming anger; her nostrils flaring, her eyes flashing and closing into slits, her mouth quivering and drooling, slurring words that were unintelligible came spewing into space like a volcano releasing its pent up emotions into the darkness. ( I was told by Rockey- a playboy in my last school, girls like the guys who shows attitude). I looked at Tina with the side look and her expression were definitely not the same as i did expect.

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