The Mismatched Algebraic Equation One more day wasted :| Have noth...

The Mismatched Algebraic Equation
One more day wasted :|
Have nothing more to say about it, but just that it hurts internally..
Any start up or any team with a mission to fulfill is like an algebraic equation- Different Variables & Different Constants
- Different power of each variable
For the equation to give maximum value, every variable needs to give its maximum power at same time continuously to achieve the desired result.
For a corporate, the motivation for variables to perform is often "Money", "Appreciation from a large people" etc, but in a start up where people are only driven by the motivation for the goal, it becomes really difficult to achieve that vision of maximum power of the equation, if they dont have that #passion.
And so is my case, people work but not in sync, people react but not together.. hence a lot of time of some other variable gets wasted.
I wish, people should judge every task they on hand, whether they have skill to deliver it, whether they have passion to solve that problem or learn skill, and if they dont have both, fucking don't pick up - dont Commit.
And in anticipation of result from one long non-performing variable.. I begin another day !

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