The Machinist| Movie Review The film "The Machinis

The Machinist| Movie Review
The film "The Machinist" is one that thing that everyone takes a while to understand what's happened!! And its a personal experience. Trust me.
The film is about one's redemption from the guilt which our hero Christian Bale is trying to forget and move on. But somethings you can't outrun and when your worst nightmare chases you, sometimes it does have a life-changing purpose. The film is a great entertaining experience and a best choice for those who wants to see something dramatic. The sound track of the movie takes you to the classic era of Hollywood where, one of the greatest director Alfred Hitchcock redefined the the intense music, and it magnificently magnify the whole experience. Trust this little-movie-lover and give the movie "The Machinist" a try. I'm sure, it won't let your expectations down.

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