BECAUSE "i am a free WOMAN" read more in captio

"BECAUSE "i am a free WOMAN" read more in caption..🖊"

"i am a free WOMAN"

read more in caption..🖊

BECAUSE "i am a free WOMAN" read more in caption..🖊

Today's morning was very memorable for me. I think I never be forgot the memory . As since today I  never go anywhere alone but Today I got chance  to return home alone around 8.30 'o clock morning .
This journey just 2.1 km for others but today's 2.1 k.m small  journey make very memorable for me .

The distance from my College to my home is 2.1 km. The distance is not so much as The path is absolutely straight . It's approx about 3000 footsteps.
I decided today , I will go home alone . As I had started walking slowly. The crowded path was completely peaceful for unknownreasons. The whole path are covered with building and a huge banyan tree  and all are attached with roadside building. I have been thought this route many times, but today I find all are looking new. Very lovely sweet cold-cold air was moving around me.
I was feeling very good as was never feel before whatever is happening to me . After walking few distance, a woman was booming on the way. I look her with smile and she also smiled back to me.

I have been walking without hesitation and fearlessly. I turned back and looked the entire rood in front of me I find I am the only person on this entire road .
There was no one besides me there.
There was no one to teach me there.
There was no one to ask me why i got married so early.
There was no one to ask me why i am studying after marriage.
There was no one to ask me where my children would be.
There was no one to ask me why i came to my mum's house for so many days.
I was completely free from all the bond's and rules of society. Nobody can impose any restrictions on me.
I have a different world. My felling are different from others and everyone's fellings are different.
If a stranger seens me strangely, it does not mean that I am bad or am i wearing a revealing dress. Maybe, he would also have a reason to see this way.
But no problem !
How cares about it.

I had crossed my half way. The beautiful and ancient building "THE RAJWADA" in front of me. Around the place, there was tea and poha shops and along with the smell of samosa's and kachories.  I have always go there in the evening time, when there is the most crowd on there.  I was just watching the place and  I have been go RAJWADA  many times but today was something different. I was getting soaked with sweat. I was just about to come home. I was going to walk that way again. I was heartily praying this path should not end.
And the whole  journey of my thoughts ended here because i reached home safely.

This path was decorated with much experience for me. Apart, from someone's daughter, someone's sister ,  someone's daughter-in-law , someone's wife, someone's Friend.
I have find a different identity for me .
I am the owner of my desires, I am a reader,  i am a writter,  I am a poet,  I am a dreamer,  I am a creator, I make my own world, I am fulfilling my wishes or someone's wishes also
Everyday i got the reason for someone's happiness or the causes of someone's misery,
My decisions are just mine,
My wishes are just mine.

There is no need for someone's  to speak good or bad about me. If I do not do any harm to anyone behind the back, then i would also like to say that no one should harm me.
My truth are just mine,
My lie are just mine,
My thinking are just mine,
My opinions are just mine,
My challenge are just mine,
My changes are just mine,

I have not given Any right to anyone to judge me in any way.

Because, I am a "FREE WOMAN "

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