Stop shifting the risk of decision on to something else ! Firstly:...

Stop shifting the risk of decision on to something else !
Firstly: What is the case in point?

We often find and depend on someone we consider as more "Mature", More "Intelligent", More "Experienced", More "Powerful"..we depend on these individuals or identities for our multiple needs.
Case In Point:

Intelligent - The girl/guy who tops or our seniors in school or a prof
Experienced - Guy/gal who has done more sales/marketing/tech etc in a Job or in some other professional work related environment.
Powerful - God, someone who we haven't seen - We depend on him for most of our stuff, specially critical moments when we think we have failed. Horoscope for marriages.

Our parents, our brothers, some experienced start up guy, some experienced director. This confirms the basic point that we do this activity where we try and find someone who we treat higher than us and then get directions from that person/identity.

Secondly: Why does it happen?
We often try and minimize risk at our behalf while taking a decision.

And hence when it comes to a career related decision, we ask someone whom we consider higher/experienced in the same field.

Same goes for Life, Marriage etc - we try and depend on some non visible identity i.e. God or Horoscope to tell us if the outcome of the result will be good or bad.

We often transfer the outcome of a decision or action to an someone else outer to us, and often delay or change course of our decision.

Thirdly: What should be done ideally?
We need to take full responsibility of our actions and should obviously look out for advice but should take decision or action basis our cost benefit analysis and not through someone else's prism.

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