Bring together #TulsiRamPrajapati #Chandigarh and

Bring together #TulsiRamPrajapati #chandigarh and #DeadTrees and what you will get are #treeSculptures. After #wallart it is now the turn of #tree #art to capture the imagination of creative souls. However, in the equation in the first line, if you happen to add #chandigarhmunicipalcorporation then what you create are mind sets ready to asphyxiate art.
Vigyan path in Chandigarh is where the #Travel enthusiast can come across art on dead trees. Well, the truth is that even the locals of this #City aren't yet aware of their existence. What I've seen in Chandigarh is what passion really means.

Let me also add here that #the Tribune from Chandigarh writes: "The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has stopped Tulsi Ram Prajapati from continuing his artistic work on dried up trees. Prajapati has been making sculptures on dried up trees for over a month and his work was being appreciated by several people. Prajapati, a fine arts teacher at Government Senior Secondary School, carved out sculptures on eight dead trees so far. While people commuting on the Vigyan Path near Rock Garden and Sector 8 are appreciating his work, the decision of the MC has disappointed him a lot."

I guess it is time for the decision makers in this UT to wake up and see what the real reasons could be behind the ridiculous decision of the municipal authorities.

Promote art. Art is what makes a city lively.

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