Comedy Sandwich - By Captain Nishant | Live Video | English Video

Comedy Sandwich - By Captain Nishant

Thursday, 17 September | 09:00 pm

Price: ₹49.00

Chain se sona hai toh jaag jao!! Jii Haan, this is a gentle wake-up call from Nishant Sharma - the host of "Comedy Sandwich" for all those in relationships, or planning to be in one- because according to him - "Sabka Katega" 🤪🤪 Nishant - an engineer in Daytime and stand-up comedy in night light has cooked the most crazy comedy line-up around office romance leading to a hilarious situation of the Hero.😍❤️ So, Behno ke bhai aur Bhaiyo ki behno - Book your tickets now and enjoy this crazy comedy night!🔥🤩

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