Plz read caption #NojotoQuoteI am girl But I don't want superiorit...

Plz read caption #NojotoQuote

Plz read caption #NojotoQuote

I am girl
But I don't want superiority
Over them
What I ask is equal opportunity which they get being man

I am girl
Yes I bleed every month
Yes I can give birth
But it doesn't prove my superiority

I am girl
I don't want you to praise me
Just because I sacrificed my dream from your betterment
What I ask is
Your support so that I can fullfill my dream

When I say I want equality
I literally mean it
I don't need reservation just because I am women
But I want job on my capabilities

Don't respect as
I am
Someone daughter
Someone sister
Someone wife
Somone mother

Respect me because
I am someone
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