What is Ransomware?  A ransomware is basical

What is Ransomware? 

A ransomware is basically a type of malware that blocks access to your computer until 'ransom' is paid to the hacker through online channels. A ransomware is believed to take over computers remotely, locking them down, and demanding a 'ransom' to unlock their systems. A ransomware encrypts the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) of a computer before spreading to other systems on the Local Area Network (LAN). The ransomware also spreads through malicious email attachments, the report said.

A new ransomware named as Wannacry is spreading widely. Wannacry encrypts the files on infected Windows systems. This ransomware spreads by using a vulnerability in implementations of server message block (SMB) in Windows systems. Computers across the world were locked up and users’ files held for ransom as dozens of countries were hit by this cyber attack that targeted hospitals, companies and government agencies.

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