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"The Mother Who Loves Money" A FAMOUS JAPANESE MOVIE STAR HAD A MOTHER WHO LOVED MONEY. THE MORE FAMOUS HE BECAME, THE MORE MONEY HIS MOTHER DEMANDED. WHEN HIS MOTHER DIED, HE RETURNED HOME FOR THE.FUNERAL. HIS BROTHER GAVE HIM A POCKET. IT WAS A LETTER AND A BANK STATEMENT. IN THE LETTER, HIS MOTHER WROTE: YOU NEVER DID WELL IN SCHOOL AND ALWAYS SPENT QUICKLY. I WAS AFRAID YOU WILL END UP PENNILESS SO I MADE YOU SEND ME ALL THE MONEY. I'VE SAVED UP ALL THAT MONEY. NOW IT'S ALL YOURS. PUT IT TO GOOD USE. I just want to share... -108 Adages of wisdom (Book). Follow Prinzess Hannah. Download Nojoto App to get real time updates about Prinzess Hannah & be part of World's Largest Creative Community to share Writing, Poetry, Quotes, Art, Painting, Music, Singing, and Photography; A Creative expression platform. Books By Prinzess Hannah | Nojoto Books on Books. Books Books


3 months ago

I just want to share...
-108 Adages of wisdom


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Prinzess Hannah

Written By : Prinzess Hannah

Please keep on following me ang love my hugot and quotes...

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