A Twisted Love Story (Part 4) Back home... Nata

"A Twisted Love Story (Part 4)"

A Twisted Love Story
(Part 4)

A Twisted Love Story (Part 4)

Back home...

Natasha couldn't believe she had kissed him. She was going to bed when Rehaan came. She panicked. He so got the wrong idea. She blurted,"Why did you kiss me?" Rehaan was shocked for a moment then he said,"You kissed me too." "But you did it first.",said Natasha.
"I hadn't forced you to kiss me..you are as much to blame."he countered.
"I am so mad.
" "At me or at yourself?",said Rehaan and left the room.

He had got that right. She was mad at herself. She didn't know what had come over her. Maybe it was the fact that he hadn't taken his husbandly right by force. That he had never harassed her ...not mentally let alone physically. "She was making excuses for him now!? What was happening to her?" She forced herself to sleep.


Rehaan had a concert the next day. He asked Natasha to accompany him but she declined. She needed some time to herself. At 8 pm Rehaan left for the concert saying he would come home around 12 at midnight. What had happened last night started to haunt Natasha. It had been only an hour since Rehaan left but she started missing him. 'Why do I miss him?' 'Because I like him.' 'And why do I like him? Because of what he could have done and what he didn't do.' She couldn't wait for Rehaan to come home. It felt like an eternity but finally it was 12. 'Rehaan should be home any minute now',thought Natasha. It was almost 1 am but no sign of Rehaan. Natasha became worried. She tried to call him but the phone was switched off. Hour passed still no sign of Rehaan. She became restless. 'Why hadn't he come home yet? 'What could have happened?' Tears came down her eyes. She was crying for him. Finally it hit her. She had fallen for her husband.


There was a chink of the door's lock opening. Rehaan was home. Natasha ran to him and threw her arms around him. He held her tightly. Natasha told him how scared she was when he hadn't come home. He asked why and she said that she loved him. 'I love you too',said Rehaan.

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