Why I don\'t like Diwali? Diwali, as we say the festival of light,...

Why I don\'t like Diwali?

Diwali, as we say the festival of light, happiness, success, prosperity.

Social Media: May your life fills up with lights of joy, may your family get food, sex and success and that's not all...all these shit copy paste messages will keep floating on Whatsapp, FB Messenger. If you were'nt able to reply to all, then you are rude, and if you copy paste, you are adding more shit to the world. Hence, this festival brings Copy and forward culture and you getting surprise message on whatsapp from people whose number you dont have.

Real Life: While the Ram came home after killing Ravana, but we will pray for Laxmi, because that't what matter in Life.

We will
- Sing Aarti and make it a Indian Idol @ home
- Do Pooja,
- Get blessings from Elders and feel Sanskari inside,
- Meet Relatives who we don't care for
- Burn crackers, and put lights - to show off our neighbours that we have a lot of money to burn
- Click Selfies and put them on FB/Instagram to show our friends that we look great in Ethinic and wait for people's likes and comments
- Drink Beer/Whisly @ night and play cards, because Ram Ji did the same thing after returning from Lanka
- They download nice pictures from Shutterstock and send them to people as Diwali Greetings whose open and click rates are also tracked.
- They give special discount of 50% on 70% Jacked up prices, so that idiots can feel good about the shit they bought on Diwali Sale.
- Brands spend 50-70 Lacs to make a emotional/funny Diwali videos with a very strong message/values which they actually don't care about.

So, basically the festival is all about few rules, few customs, and few set behaviours which drives it. The festival is expected to induce family values and happiness in the people and showcase the same on FB.
It could actually have been festival of Actual Happiness, had it been without constraints and rules which guard it, had it been more from inward then a rat race of show off, had it been sharing the happiness with poor people, farmers, service class individuals who work hard.

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